Eco-Friendly Fry Cups & Bags

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Eco-Friendly Fry Cups & Bags

Recyclable Fry Cups & Bags - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Give your clients opportunity to take out delicious food. Use recyclable fry cups and bags to improve customer’s experience of visiting your foodservice establishment. If you’re looking for the best option of packaging for your French fries and finger food, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies will offer a wide range of different well-designed fully recyclable fry cups and bags.

At our store you can find:

  • Kraft Paper Cones with Sauce Compartment
  • 2-Side Opened Kraft Fryer Bags
  • 2-Side Opened News Print Fryer Bags
  • Closable Perforated Snack Cups
  • Kraft Wrap Paper Cups

These eco-friendly cups are grease-resistant to give your customers maximum comfort while they enjoy your delicious creations. Contact us to make an order!

McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers recyclable kraft-paper cups, wrap paper cups and paper cones produced by PacknWood. Contact us now if you need one!

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