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Check Presenters

Employees of public institutions in the "rush hour" find it difficult to cope with a large number of orders. It is required not only not to mix up the tables, but also to make sure that the customer is satisfied. To simplify the work of the kitchen, functional kitchen utensils for restaurants have been created.

This is an indispensable attribute in the kitchens of restaurants and cafes, so it is best to buy at bargain prices now.

The quality of the products is the highest, they will last for many years and will not create any troubles as far as care is concerned.

Store McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers a large selection of models.

What are These Kitchen Utensils?

Store kitchen equipment in this section offers customers to buy utensils from different companies. 

We have kitchen utensils in stock for restaurants:

  • check presenters (vertical needle on which checks are poked);
  • slats (there is a mechanism along the slat that holds the checks).

The needle for pricking checks is designed for small businesses where there is a small flow of customers.

This is because the work is done at a measured pace, and there are no large orders. Once the order has been completed, the check is simply pulled on itself, tearing off part of the paper. Some larger establishments also use a check needle, but the principle of their work is somewhat different. Once the waiter has received the order and brought it into the kitchen, he sticks the check on the needle that corresponds to a particular table. In restaurants and cafes with a large number of customers, longitudinal bars are used. 

Check holders are located in the kitchen. In this regard, it is required that the material of their manufacture complies with certain sanitary standards. Manufacturers of this equipment produce their professional products made of aluminum and stainless steel.  

Assortments from McDonald Paper

If you're wondering where to buy the perfect items for your food service business, be sure to check out the options for restaurant checkbook holders, cassettes and spindles:

  • Brass Check Tray
  • Gold embossed tip tray
  • Black check holder
  • Checkbook
  • Stainless steel check spindle

With a huge range of products that vary in style, material, and color, you can be sure to find the perfect item to meet your establishment's needs. Choose the check spindle to keep all your receipts and other paperwork together. Its base features a fun, stylish spider web design. Using this item, the bartender will always keep orders organized and prepare delicious cocktails in the right order.

Our check holder is a great original way to thank your guests for visiting your catering establishment: a little feature of this check holder is an inside pocket that says "Thank You" in an attractive gold design. Use the guest check presenters to thank them for the service provided to your service staff. Featuring an elegant gold "Thank You" inscription on a black background, this tray can fit into the most sophisticated décor.

Order your check holders today, and McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies will deliver the product safely and free of charge to your destination.

After choosing the most appropriate items for your restaurant, bar, or eatery, check out our Book Menu Covers and Calling sections for even more professional items.