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Tabletop & Catering

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies successfully supplies customers with disposable tableware and accessories, food packaging, bags, kitchen items, and more.

We are proud to say that we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in our field.

Tableware and cutlery are obligatory attributes of fast food establishments, restaurants, cafés, canteens, and home dining tables. Any place that respects itself and its visitors acquires quality restaurant tabletop and cutlery that contribute to the creation of an appropriate interior for the institution. 

To buy cutlery online is half the battle for the development and implementation of the “food” business. These attributes are an indicator of quality and relevance.

Catering with McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

The purchase of quality branded catering and restaurant table supplies is the main condition for a successful and effective catering business. 

Practical items for catering, such a restaurant table top must be as light and easy to move and transport. It is recommended to order all the necessary utensils, tools, and accessories only on proven platforms on the market. 

Among the most popular tableware are:

  • Marmites
  • Soup pots
  • Thermoses
  • Dispensers
  • Cheese trays
  • Serving trays
  • Bread baskets, lids
  • Buffet Line

But one of the most obvious indicators is the demand for environmentally friendly restaurant tabletop supplies.

Environmental Responsibility of the Producer

With so many companies working with harmful materials, environmentally conscious consumers are desperately looking for another option. 

That's where eco-friendly product supply comes in. It causes far less damage to the environment and offers consumers an alternative, allowing manufacturers to package their products while minimizing their pollution guilt.

Greenware restaurant table accessories not only reduces waste, but also contributes to less pollution during the manufacturing process. Products from McDonald Paper decompose faster and more naturally than traditional packaging materials. 

Consumers are creating an increasing demand for environmentally friendly production methods. In a 2020 Trivium study, 74% of consumers said they were willing to pay more for eco-friendly materials. An added benefit is that incorporating your environmental awareness into your brand's message will win consumers' hearts!

The McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers to buy a variety of equipment and tableware for catering. In the catalog, you can find a large selection of functional equipment from well-known manufacturers. It is confirmed by the relevant sanitary and hygienic certificates.