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  1. MA1414C, 14x14-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA1414C
  2. MA1442C, 14x42-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA1442C
  3. MA1454C, 14x54-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA1454C
  4. MA2124C, 21x24-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2124C
  5. MA1818C, 18x18-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA1818C
  6. MA2130C, 21x30-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2130C
  7. MA2136C, 21x36-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2136C
  8. MA2142C, 21x42-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2142C
  9. MA2148C, 21x48-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2148C
  10. MA2154C, 21x54-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2154C
  11. MA2160C, 21x60-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2160C
  12. MA2172C, 21x72-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA2172C
  13. MA1842C, 18x42-Inch Chrome Wire Shelf, NSF
    SKU: MA1842C

Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves by McDonald Paper

Our epoxy-coated storage wire shelves are high in quality. They are designed to withstand exposure to humidity and the cold temperatures in freezers and storage rooms. These shelves will last you for as long as you need them in your professional kitchen.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our shelves options:

  • Chrome Plated Wire Shelves
  • Green Epoxy Wire Shelves
  • 4 Tier Wire Shelving Set
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of wire shelves by reputable vendors such as Thunder Group and Winco.

    At McDonald Paper, you will find the perfect shelves and posts no matter what sizes you require. Choose from epoxy coated or chrome plated posts; both provide excellent durability. They are designed specifically to work with our wire shelves and come in packs of 4 so you can customize your shelving system with ease. We offer shelves for freezer rooms, storage rooms, refrigerators, carving stations, carts and racks, customized tables, mounted shelves, and many more. Choose 4 tier wire shelving set to have a strong place where you can store all of the needed products. Due to its epoxy coated wire steel, this 4-tier shelving set is extremely durable and guarantees long life service. The base and four shelves can be easily installed. Also most of our products are NSF certified and meet strict standards for public health protection. Call us today and make an order!

    Browse our Storage Accessories and Storage Racks & Carts sections to find everything you need to customize your restaurant's storage system.