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Manual Meat Grinders And Tenderizers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

For all diners, burger places, cafeterias and restaurants who serve any kind of meat, we offer a wide selection of manual meat grinders and meat tenderizers for any preference and need. To give your meat products softness, lightness or simply give it a flat shape, use our high quality tenderizers. Create light volumes of any meat or make soft pork chops with our meat tenderizers and grinders.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your establishment, make sure to check our meat preparation tools options:

  • Hand-Held Meat Tenderizers
  • Double-Sided Meat Tenderizers
  • 3-Way Meat Tenderizers
  • Manual Meat Grinders
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of commercial manual meat grinders and tenderizers by reputable vendors such as Winco, Admiral Craft Equipment and Thunder Group.

    Meat tenderizers are available in different surface types (small or large thorns), 1-, 2- or 3-side heads, plastic, metal or wooden handles. 2-sided aluminum meat tenderizer is a professional item for beating different types of meats. This tool has a head with two 3x3 inches square sides - one with flat surface and another with studded surface. Due to its heavy aluminum construction the item is very durable. Choose super meat tenderizer to reduce marinating and cooking time of any cut of boneless meat. It has 48 knives and the plastic cover that protects your hands. Our grinders will perfectly process any kind of meat to create your guest's beloved burgers, chops and meatballs. Equipped with a screw down base, this tool is designed for a clamp style table mount. Constructed of heavy duty cast iron and tin plated for enhanced sanitary effect. Includes a knife and a 3/16-inch plate. Whenever you are in need of kitchen supplies, be sure that McDonald Paper has a right solution for you!

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