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Trash Cans & Accessories

Trash Containers & Accessories - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Our trash cans and accessories can help to manage garbage safely and conveniently. You’ll spend minimal time and effort on trash removal in your market place. It is important in any retail and foodservice business to clean trash in-time. We offer trash cans that can solve this problem.

At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find:

  • Waste Receptacles
  • Trash Cans
  • Plastic Lid
  • Containers
  • Stop Smoking Receptacles
  • Coated Ashtrays
  • Trash Can Dolies
  • Wheels for Trash Cans

We offer wide selection of trash cans and accessories. So you can find some which fit your business needs. We have trash cans for different types of trash, with many sizes and designs to choose from. Call us to make an order!

Find a wide range of products for this in our Janitorial section. We also have a wide variety of related accessories. Items from our Mops, Buckets and Cleaning Tools will also easily remove trash from floors and ready it for outside disposal.