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  1. Winco PLTC-7G, Divided Bus Box, Gray
    SKU: PLTC-7G
  2. Winco PL-57W, Dish Box Cover, White
    SKU: PL-57W
  3. Winco PL-57K, Dish Box Cover, Black
    SKU: PL-57K
  4. Winco PLTC-7K, Divided Bus Box, Black
    SKU: PLTC-7K
  5. Winco PLP-5G, Perforated Bus Box, Gray
    SKU: PLP-5G
  6. Winco PLP-5W, Perforated Bus Box, White
    SKU: PLP-5W
  7. Winco PL-57C, Dish Box Cover, Gray
    SKU: PL-57C
  8. Winco PL-57B, Brown Dish Box Cover
    SKU: PL-57B

Bus Tubs

Restaurants are fast-paced, so every second counts. Great meals and efficient back-of-the-house operations keep people coming back. Bus tubs — also called bus boxes, bus pans, bus trays, and bus buckets — serve that purpose. These seemingly trivial restaurant needs, which come in many materials, help keep the space clean. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies bus tubs and plastic dish pans for your business.

Superior Flexibility

When it comes to running a restaurant, restaurant bus tubs are the unsung heroes because of the many roles they play behind the scenes. These containers are used for various purposes, including transporting soiled dishes, storing clean dishes, and clearing tables. You can find the ideal match for your restaurant among the several sizes and materials available, including sturdy plastic and stainless steel.

Redefining Effectiveness

The layout of a restaurant's bus tub is optimized for productivity. Thanks to their stackable design, you may save valuable floor space in your restaurant. Thanks to these containers ' strong structure, your team will be able to transfer dishes quickly and safely without worrying about any spills or breaks.

Maintaining Tidiness and Order

The restaurant sector places a premium on a neat work environment. Bus tubs help with this because they can hold both dirty and clean dishes separately, eliminating the risk of contamination. They're also simple to disinfect, so you can be assured that your eatery will adhere to the strictest hygiene regulations.

Industrial Bathtubs for Any Situation

Bus tubs are available in a wide variety at McDonald Paper to meet your needs. There is a bus tub solution for every type of restaurant, whether you run a busy diner, a fine dining institution, or a fast food outlet.


Bus tubs are the hidden heroes of the restaurant industry due to their versatility and cleanliness. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies carries many bus tubs, plastic dish pans, and commercial tubs. Use these tools to improve your restaurant's efficiency and cleanliness.