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  1. CLOSEOUT - Bagcraft Papercon 18BP, 18"x1000' Printed Butcher Paper Roll, 1 Roll
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  2. ANCHOR 175000F, 17", 5000 Ft Meat Film
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  3. ANCHOR 174000, 17", 4000 Ft Meat Film
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Food Wrappers

Packaging Wraps: Plenty of Options at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

With food storage wrappers, you can easily keep your food fresh or use it while cooking. It is made of safe material and will not contaminate food with hazardous substances upon contact. Also, packaging wraps can be used in other situations, such as wrapping things when moving. But in the latter case, it is better to choose a denser or more sticky film. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is ready to provide you with food wrappers in any quantity, as it is engaged in wholesale sales.

Why Is Using Packaging Wraps A Good Idea?

Modern production technologies and various materials make it possible to create packaging materials of unusual shapes and sizes. They provide product hygiene and protection from external influences. Packaging allows you to give products compact dimensions for easy storage and transportation. First, packaging materials must preserve the quality and presentation of the goods. They must be resistant to mechanical damage and be durable and reliable. In no case should packaging change the product's characteristics and properties and not negatively impact the consumer's health. The food wrapper should attract the buyer's attention and be comfortable and modern to arouse the desire to buy the product again and again.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Provides the Best Packaging Wraps

Our company is ready to provide the best options for packaging and disposable tableware. Among the most requested products:

  • Aluminum foil;
  • Plastic film;
  • Butcher paper & butcher tine;
  • Wrapping paper & liners.

Each of the above positions has several options to choose from. Therefore, if you are not sure which one suits you best, we will be happy to help you. You can contact our specialist in the showroom in Brooklyn or call the phone number listed on the website. You can also pick up your order or arrange delivery to NY, NJ, PA, and other US states.