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Disposable Food Containers

Wholesale Disposable Food Containers: Carry Your Food Wherever You Go

In the last few years, takeaway food has become even more popular than it was before. And, of course, ceramic dishes are not suitable for this purpose. Therefore, restaurants and cafes use disposable food packaging. Moreover, people use disposable food containers all the time. 

For example, when office workers carry lunch to work, parents pack lunch for their children, or the whole family gathers for a picnic, these containers are the most practical option. Moreover, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is in the business of bulk selling these food storage containers. So why is buying them a great decision?

Main Disposable Food Storage Advantages

If you still have doubts about placing an order, it is worth knowing about the three main advantages of food containers, which can help you to make a decision.

  1. The container weighs little and is usually small in size. Such containers are convenient for packaging and transportation. You can put several containers in a regular bag and take them wherever you go.

  2. In our showroom in Brooklyn, there is a huge assortment that differs from each other in size, shape, and color.

  3. Some containers can keep hot or cold temperatures. For example, products made from high-quality plastic can contain frozen or chilled products. In addition, they can be heated in the microwave.

More About Our Assortment 

Let’s look at the main characteristic of such containers that we can offer our clients:

  • Dome or flat style;

  • More than 5 colors – beige, black, white, clear, green, etc.;

  • Foam, fiber, and other materials;

  • With eco-friendly, tamper-resistant, or microwavable features;

  • More than 5 shapes – conex, cube oblong, oval, rectangular, etc.

You can learn more about our assortment on the pages of our website. We are ready to deliver your order to NY, NJ, and PA states. 

Wholesale allows you to purchase the necessary products for your restaurant business at affordable prices. Food prep will become even more exciting as people inside the establishment and those who arrange the delivery can enjoy its results.