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Drink Dispenser

Beverage dispensers are convenient containers from which beverages can be poured into cups or glasses. They can be alcoholic beverages as well as completely innocuous ones like juices and lemonades. Some McDonald Paper dispensers allow you to prepare drinks directly in them and then portion them out.  

Advantages of Using Dispensers

The presented McDonald Paper models look laconic and stylish and take up a minimum of space on the holiday table. You will find both minimalistic glass dispensers and models with a creative and unusual design. 

What advantages the drink dispenser provides:

  • Accurate dosage of portions. 

In some devices, this option is programmable. 

  • Temperature adjustment. 

You can cool or heat the liquid yourself to the desired level. 

  • Easy to control. 

Some more technologically advanced models even come equipped with touch screens. 

  • Convenience. 

In cafes and catering establishments, the use of drink servers solves many problems. You can save the time of your employees, allowing customers to serve themselves. For visitors of institutions, it is also convenient because you do not need to wait for the waiter every time you want to pour a restaurant drink. 

  • Practicality. 

Dispensers with liquids take up minimal space. If you run out of water or a drink, you just need to change the bottle. 

  • Compactness. 

Such a device takes up little space and solves many problems. The design allows the beverage dispenser to fit into any interior. 

The devices can be used not only for juice and nectar, but also for low-alcohol beverages. Beer dispensers are an integral part of any nearest bar. The ice flask provides effective cooling of the beverage. 

Fill the container with your favorite drink and add it to your home table or cottage decorations. With a liquor dispenser with a tap, you do not have to endure cluttering the table with bottles and it will be most convenient to fill flutes or glasses. You can buy a gift drink dispenser to celebrate a housewarming party, wedding day, or other important events! 

McDonald Paper Products

If you're wondering where to buy the perfect items for your restaurant, be sure to check out McDonald Paper and Restaurant Supplies' beverage dispenser options:

  • Square beverage dispensers
  • Cast iron mini tea kettles
  • Vacuum decaffeinated coffee dispensers with a lever
  • Air pots with stainless steel lid
  • Jugs with a hammer
  • Tabletop decanters with a button to hold heat

Store attractive and durable glass, stainless steel, and polycarbonate beverage dispensers in insulated and non-insulated models.

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, bar, or other business, our commercial coffee urns will always come in handy!

Only the highest quality wholesale products are available for you to meet the needs of your business and your customers. 

Also, browse our related product categories such as eco-friendly straws, stirrers, and skewers, as well as paper cups and lids to stock up on McDonald's Paper before your next event!