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  1. HFS-1009 Reusable PVC Face Shield, EA
    SKU: HFS-1009
  2. NB130 Black Paper Napkin Band, 2500/PK
    SKU: NB130
  3. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAP-G, 1/8 Fold 15x17-Inch 2-Ply Green Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $34.99 Regular Price $39.99
  4. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAP-R, 1/8 Fold 15x17-Inch 2-Ply Ultra Rose Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $38.99 Regular Price $42.99
  5. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAP-SAGE, 1/8 Fold 15x17-Inch 2-Ply Sage Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $32.99 Regular Price $37.99
  6. PacknWood 210CVPOCB, 4.3x10-Inch Beige Cutlery Paper Bag with White Napkin 2-Ply, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVPOCB
    Special Price $101.99 Regular Price $126.99
  7. PacknWood 210CVPOCC, 4.3x10-Inch Cream Cutlery Paper Bag with White Napkin 2-Ply, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVPOCC
    Special Price $97.99 Regular Price $121.99
  8. PacknWood 210CVPOCN, 4.3x10-Inch Black Cutlery Paper Bag with White Napkin 2-Ply, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVPOCN
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $130.99
  9. PacknWood 210CVPOCV, 4.3x10-Inch Green Cutlery Paper Bag with White Napkin 2-Ply, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CVPOCV
    Special Price $103.99 Regular Price $127.99
  10. CLOSEOUT - AeroGlove 3500-2, Automated Touchless Glove Dispenser with Batteries
    SKU: 3500-2
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $69.99
  11. CLOSEOUT - SafePro 48TB250, 40x48-Inch, 2 mm Black Heavy Duty Trash Bags, 250/CS
    SKU: 48TB250
    Special Price $23.99 Regular Price $28.99
  12. CLOSEOUT - DNAPPB, 15x16-Inch Peach Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $34.99
  13. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAPRP, 17x16-Inch Rose Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $34.99
  14. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAPDG, 12x17-Inch 3-Ply Hunter Green Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $34.99
  15. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAP-V, 15x17-Inch Violet Dinner Napkin, 1000/CS
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $34.99
  16. CLOSEOUT - SafePro DNAPMB, 15x17-Inch 2-Ply Marina Blue Paper Dinner Napkins, 1000/CS
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $34.99

Janitorial Disposables

Janitorial Disposables by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Keep your establishment clean and well-organized using professional janitorial disposables. From paper napkins to spun-bound propylene beard covers, keep your cafe, hotel, or bar stocked with all the necessary single-use janitorial accessories. Let all your customers be satisfied to know that you pay close attention to sanitation.

McDonald Paper is a reputed supplier of well-known brands at competitive prices, that offers a wide range of products from the Janitorial Disposables category:

For the convenience of our customers, we have selected the most trusted restaurant supply vendors of commercial clothing and paper supplies for all your needs, such as SafePro, Ashland, Tork, Winco, and others.

McDonald Paper offers a vast selection of janitorial essentials options to fully meet your needs. For example, trash liners differ in size and thickness, they make trash removal more comfortable and faster. We provide paper towels and napkins of various styles, colors (black, white, red, etc.) and types so you can be sure that all your customers will be satisfied. We have disposable nitrile, vinyl, latex, and rubber gloves for optimal protection and sanitation.

For more options in sanitary maintenance, check out our wide range of janitorial supplies in our Cleaning Chemicals or Soaps and Hand Sanitizers to keep your facility spotlessly clean.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable provider of paper towels and napkins wholesale for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner. We offer free shipping throughout the New York Metro area on all orders over $49.99 with a one-day delivery.

Looking where to buy cheap napkins and paper towels? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of commercial paper towels, disposable toilet seat covers, and gloves.