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  1. Libbey 17207223, 6.75 Oz Garden Jar, 6/CS
    SKU: L17207223
  2. Libbey 17208836, 17 Oz Garden Jar, 6/CS
    SKU: L17208836
  3. Libbey 17209925, 25.25 Oz Garden Jar, 6/CS
    SKU: L17209925
  4. Arcoroc 58010, 7 Oz. Palmier, 24/CS
    SKU: 58010
  5. Wilmax WL-888750-A 1.7 Oz Clear Thermo Bowl, 240/CS
    SKU: WL-888750/A
  6. Libbey 14034021, 9.13 Oz Sundae Dish, 6/CS
    SKU: 14034021
  7. Libbey 3419, 12 Oz Dessert Glass, 12/CS
    SKU: L3419
  8. Libbey L3825, 10 Oz Dessert Glass, 36/CS
    SKU: L3825
  9. Arcoroc 58012, 12.5 Oz. Palmier, 24/CS
    SKU: 58012
  10. Libbey 5315, 6.25 Oz Sundae Glass, 24/CS
    SKU: 5315
  11. Libbey L5314, Tulip Sundae Glass, 24/CS
    SKU: L5314

Glass Dinnerware

Catering organizations – restaurants, cafés, bistros, canteens, and snack bars – independently choose the concept according to which they will provide service. In accordance with it, the equipment project is developed: professional equipment, cutlery, and tableware are purchased.

Glassware is the best solution for you! Why?

Glass is dishwasher and microwave safe and virtually indestructible. Its durability makes it ideal for use in children's restaurants and outdoor establishments.

Thus, using glassware is more convenient and faster, and the food is clean and hygienic. The disadvantage of glass dinnerware is that it can be broken. And if used improperly, it can easily cause an explosion.  

If you run a restaurant, café, snack bar, or another catering establishment, this kind of glass tableware always comes in handy! Serve your guests in a sophisticated way with items from McDonald Paper.  

McDonald Paper Products

With its modern yet timeless design, McDonald Paper products are the ultimate in versatility, perfect for all your everyday meals and holiday celebrations. 

If you're wondering where to buy the perfect items for your catering business, be sure to check out these glass tableware options:

  • Desert glass bowls.
  • Vertigo glass bowls.
  • Duke shot glasses.
  • Break whiskey glasses.
  • Glass plates for fish.
  • Glass sorbet coupes.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices on restaurant glassware purchases from reputable suppliers such as Libbey, Durobor, and others.

A selection of glassware 

McDonald Paper offers a charming selection of elegant glass dishes. Among the huge variety of different shapes, sizes, and types, you're sure to find items that perfectly fit the needs of your establishment.  

All the glassware in the catalog features crystal-clear materials and modern shapes. 

Collections include a wide range of glass dinnerware set: dinner plates, soup plates, dessert plates, salad bowls, and platters. 

Items from this category will make a beautiful presentation of your culinary creations. From desserts and sauces to salads and side dishes, you can give added appeal and style to the many dishes you serve. 

All McDonald Paper restaurant glassware is durable enough to withstand commercial use. What's more, these products are dishwasher safe. 

Call today and place your order!

You can pick up your tableware in Brooklyn, or have it shipped to other locations such as NY, NJ, and PA.

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Our large selection of serving utensils provides a modern and convenient way to serve your guests. The company offers many options for every taste and occasion.

If you're wondering where to buy the right items for your catering business, be sure to check out our tabletop serving utensils options.