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  1. Uniworld UGR-G16, 16-Inch Countertop Gas Griddle, CE
    SKU: UGR-G16
    Special Price $385.00 Regular Price $414.70
  2. L&J JS-1218, One Burner Countertop Gas Griddle, NSF
    SKU: JS-1218
    Special Price $439.00 Regular Price $595.49
  3. L&J JS-2418, Two Burner Countertop Gas Griddle, NSF
    SKU: JS-2418
    Special Price $497.00 Regular Price $903.49
  4. Uniworld UGR-G20, 20-Inch Countertop Gas Griddle, CE
    SKU: UGR-G20
    Special Price $457.40 Regular Price $513.50
  5. L&J JS-3618, Three Burner Countertop Gas Griddle, NSF
    SKU: JS-3618
    Special Price $791.00 Regular Price $1,204.49
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Gas Griddles

Commercial Countertop Gas Griddles - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

The selection of gas griddles, that we stock at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, is truly amazing! We are ready to offer an option that would fit literally any commercial kitchen. Based on your everyday needs, you can choose from a vast variety of products, ranging from a tiny 15-inch wide appliance to a heavy-duty 72-inch giant.

If you`re wondering which item is the best choice for your foodservice business, make sure to check our gas griddles options:

  • Manual Control Gas Griddles
  • Thermostat Control Gas Griddles
  • 4 Burner Countertop Gas Griddles
  • Gas Griddle Overfire Broilers
  • Gas Griddles With 3 Cooking Zones
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as American Range, Star Manufacturing, Atosa, Garland and other, you can choose flat top grills and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies provides commercial gas griddles in a variety of type, style and size, be sure to find the perfect unit to meet your establishment`s needs! Depending on your preferences choose items with manual or thermostatic control type. All of them boast high quality stainless steel construction with safety splashguards and bullnose front. Independent control for each cooking zone allows to easily adjust the capacity of multi-burner griddles to the amount of orders you have to serve. With countertop installation type our griddles can be placed in an array of locations and save up space at your kitchen. Their splashguards protect you from the mess in the kitchen and the maintenance of the units are really easy. Sleek design and space-saving construction of heavy duty gas griddles make them a good solution for any commercial kitchen. Call us today and make an order!

    For griddles with electric connection, check Electric Griddles category. And do not miss out our Grills section that offer superior solutions for warming and grilling sandwiches, paninis, hot dogs and similar snacks.