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Agree that at most street events it is important to have compostable plates for serving snacks. In this case, the ideal option is recycled disposable plates. We have a variety of shapes, types, and natural materials of disposable eco-friendly plates that will suit any style of event.

You will find products made from bamboo, sugarcane, biodegradable fibers, and other materials. These materials are particularly resistant to liquids and fatty foods. So, you can safely serve soups, fast food, and any other food without fear that it will spill out of your dishes.

What's more, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has other products in stock, such as:

  • Paper eco-friendly plates;
  • Bagasse plates;
  • Disposable plates;
  • Paper napkins;
  • Disposable biodegradable cups and more.

As a result, we have in our warehouse more than 20,000 items of products that can be useful for serving street dishes. And to see everything we have, visit our showroom in Brooklyn.

Our company has been supplying wholesale quality disposable tableware to restaurants across the country. Also, often we have customers, knowing about the high quality of our products.

We only sell quality products from trusted manufacturers. That is why we have more than 1000 regular customers. Among them are the owners of food courts, restaurants, catering, and event organizers.

We ship biodegradable plates and other products in bulk throughout the United States and neighboring regions (including Alaska and Hawaii). We can also provide you with free shipping on orders throughout the New York metro area. Being in the same city, you can receive your package within one day, depending on the order confirmation time. Place an order or ask questions in this way: on the website, by phone, or in the showroom.