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  1. Dexter Russell S192H, 4-inch Boning Hook
    SKU: S192H
  2. Dexter Russell Node Hook, 6-inch Node Hook
    SKU: NodeHook
  3. Dexter Russell S193H, 4-inch Boning Hook
    SKU: S193H
  4. Dexter Russell S191H, 3-inch Boning Hook
    SKU: S191H
  5. Dexter Russell V205PCP, 13-inch Cook's Fork
    SKU: V205PCP

Forks & Shears

Kitchen Forks and Shears - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

With our forks, you will reliably fix a piece of meat inside of a pan or on a platter by one hand, and easily slice it by other hand. Kitchen sheers are used for bird or fish carving, cutting greens, releasing your baked tenderloin or meat roulette from food ropes and many other food prep tasks. Choose from the variety of colors and materials of our instruments and you will surely find the most suitable item for your kitchen.

Check out our kitchen shears and forks options to find a variety of high quality products for commercial and home use:

  • Forged Bayonet Forks
  • Stainless Steel Basting Forks
  • Two-Tine Serving Forks
  • Forged Broiler Forks
  • Stainless Steel Herb Shears
  • Soft Handle Poultry Shears
  • Browse our McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website to choose kitchen scissors and forks from such reputable brands as Dexter Russell and Winco. Be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    Durable plastic, metal and wood construction provide extreme durability of these units. We have perfect items to meet all of your needs. Choose versatile cooking fork for any steak house, bar or restaurant. It has comfortable POM handle and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Whether you need a tool for carving the holiday ham or turkey, our bayonet fork come in handy. Safe and easy to use, this fork is a perfect addition to any professional kitchen. Our knife and fork combination combines improved innovative design of knife-and-fork and traditional wooden handle. Take it for your catering event our outdoor party. Depending on your preferences, choose shears and scissors for poultry, herb, meat or other food. Our detachable kitchen shears are designed for cutting and trimming poultry, meat, fish, and are indeed an ideal addition to any kitchen. Our hight quality kitchen hand tools will last you for many years.

    Also, check out McDonald Paper Meat Slicing Knives and Cutting Boards sections for more effective upgrade of your business.