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Compostable Trays

In our range of paper trays, you can find a variety of shapes and types. This allows the owners of catering establishments or food courts to make the food consumption process convenient and beautiful.  We have a variety of organic and eco-friendly trays in several materials. These are mainly made of wheat or wood fiber and Ingeo (an eco-friendly plastic derived from corn).

With us, you can find different types of eco-friendly utensils, such as:

  • Kraft paper products;
  • Trays made of biodegradable fiber;
  • Paper recyclable trays and plates for meals;
  • Multipart paper trays.

These items are made of the highest quality possible and will be ready for greasy food or even liquids, making eating outdoors as convenient as possible. They can serve cold and hot meals, fast food, snacks, desserts, and soups. And for more convenience and a complete meal, you can purchase sectional compostable trays, separating the different dishes on one plate.

We get the products in our store from the best manufacturers, like PacknWood, SafePro, and Southern Champion Tray. We have been working with them for a while, and we can confidently assert the best quality of our products. In addition to biodegradable food trays in our assortment, you can find necessary necessities for the kitchen, appliances, cups, napkins, and table decor.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has been a supplier of disposable tableware to various restaurants and establishments across the United States for more than decades. The company has more than a thousand loyal customers from major cities like New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, and even supplies products to other countries. You can place your order with us, and we can offer free shipping to the areas of all NYC metro stations. You should be able to get your order within a day. 

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of paper disposable tableware, then you should choose us. And to see the quality of the products, you just need to visit our showroom in Brooklyn, where we have about 20,000 different products and appliances for the kitchen and serving of food.