Mini Fry Baskets, Cups & Pails

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Mini Fry Baskets, Cups & Pails

Small, Environmentally Safe Fry Baskets

Mini deep fry baskets are a show-stopping presentation dish for appetizers and main courses. You may choose a fry basket for your restaurant, sports bar, food truck, or concession stand in McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies huge collection. Find the best fryer for your kitchen area by comparing capacities, setups, and sizes.

If you're looking for sustainable restaurant supplies, go no further than McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies. Appetizers and main courses may be served in little french fries baskets, which are reusable and practical. Our deep fry basket are rust-and scratch-proof thanks to the high-grade stainless steel material. They are more cost-effective than throwaway packaging choices since you can reuse them several times. For an extra visual appeal and less mess when cleaning, try combining our paper fry cups with our metal fryers.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Assortment

Our selection of mini restaurant fry basket is perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly option. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers an extensive selection of commercial mini french fry cups, providing each customer with the perfect solution for their needs:

  • Rectangular Mini Fry Baskets
  • Cone Wire French Fry Baskets
  • Medium Serving Fry Baskets
  • Mini Serving Pails
  • Hammered Fry Cups

They are durable and suitable for hot foods. Keep these baskets clean and well-maintained to keep their shine for years.

If a restaurant serves fried items, these small, eco-friendly metal fryers are perfect. Visit our website or offline showroom in Brooklyn to view our large selection of fry basket in bulk. In order to satisfy your restaurant's demands and provide your guests with a great experience, our service specialists can assist you in finding the eco-friendly goods from our catalog that are perfect for you.

Find french fry holders for your business here. These goods offer innovative alternatives to plastic food baskets, plates, and other tableware for your foodservice operation. Serving fries, tenders, or mozzarella sticks in a fry's holder instead of a plate helps reduce portion size. Look for more fantastic products from Clipper Mill, PacknWood, Thunder Group, Winco and C.A.C.