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Disposable Bags

Disposable Bags for Shopping by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies 

Shopping bags have become indispensable for every person who goes grocery shopping or orders takeaway food. However, customers are not required to carry bags with them when they go shopping. Therefore, owners should think about it. Buying grocery bags in bulk guarantees that your customers will be satisfied with the food quality and service. A reliable supplier does not have to be near you, and the main thing is ensuring timely delivery for your business. And McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies can help you with that. With us, each product is safe and easily transportable with our disposable bags.

What Categories Can Bags for Store Be Divided Into?

The categories depend on the choice of classification by which you want to sort them. For example:

  • Disposable bags. They are usually made of paper or plastic. They can be used a second time, but they wear out quickly. They are most often used to purchase small items or deliver groceries or food from a restaurant.
  • Reusable bags. Usually, it is a non-woven prime tote product. They can be used on a regular basis and can hold quite a lot of weight. The advantage of such shopping bags is that it is environmentally friendly. Such bags are used not only for purchasing products but also for some brands of clothing and shoes.

Buying bulk grocery bags will give you the opportunity not to be afraid that the packages will end at any time, since you can re-order the required amount at any time.

How Can McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Help Stores?

We are the best wholesaler of many disposable tableware, boxes, and bags. We are ready to become a reliable supplier for your business and provide profitable sales. Among retail bags wholesale, you can order the following:

  • Kraft paper bags;
  • Regular poly bags;
  • Paper food bags;
  • Plastic T-shirt bags;
  • Plastic food bags.

All you have to do is choose which packages you need. We'll take care of the rest. We are ready to deliver the products of your choice throughout the United States, including NY, NJ, PA, and other states. Of course, if you prefer to shop independently, you have the option. Our showroom with all our products is located in Brooklyn, where you can see everything with your own eyes. We are always by your side to provide you with everything you need.