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  1. PacknWood 210BXBAG, 13.75x5.9x6-Inch Kraft Box Bag with Handles, 50/CS
    SKU: 210BXBAG
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $130.99
  2. PacknWood 210BAG60BR, 22.8x4-Inch Kraft Brown Bag for Baguette, 1000/CS
    SKU: 210BAG60BR
    Special Price $71.99 Regular Price $86.99
  3. PacknWood 210CAB2518BR, 10.15x6.5x11.1-Inch Kraft Paper Bag with Green Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CAB2518BR
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $123.99
  4. PacknWood 210CAB2518W, 10.15x6.5x11.1-Inch White Paper Bag with Green Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CAB2518W
    Special Price $71.99 Regular Price $88.99
  5. PacknWood 210CABABYN, 6.95x3.5x8.9-Inch Black Paper Bag with Handles, 500/CS
    Special Price $125.99 Regular Price $156.99
  6. PacknWood 210CABTRBR, 9.6x12.5x8-Inch Kraft/Brown Paper Carrier Bag, 250/CS
    Special Price $101.99 Regular Price $124.99
  7. PacknWood 210CABTRN, 9.6x12.6x8.5-Inch Large Black Paper Bag with Handles, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CABTRN
    Special Price $115.99 Regular Price $142.99
  8. PacknWood 210CABTR, 9.5x12.5x8.9-Inch White Paper Carrier Bag, 250/CS
    SKU: 210CABTR
    Special Price $123.99 Regular Price $153.99
  9. PacknWood 210CNEWS250, 8.4 Oz Sturdy Paper Cones with Newspaper Print, 1000/CS
    SKU: 210CNEWS250
    Special Price $135.99 Regular Price $168.99
  10. PacknWood 210CNEWS325, 11 Oz Sturdy Paper Cones with Newspaper Print, 1000/CS
    SKU: 210CNEWS325
    Special Price $157.99 Regular Price $193.99
  11. PacknWood 210CNEWS450, 14.5 Oz Sturdy Paper Cones with Newspaper Print, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CNEWS450
    Special Price $121.99 Regular Price $150.99
  12. PacknWood 210CONFR1BLK, 5 Oz Black Paper Cones with Built-in Dipping Sauce Compartment, 500/CS
    Special Price $111.99 Regular Price $137.99
  13. PacknWood 210CONFR1WH, 5 Oz White Paper Cones with Built-in Dipping Sauce Compartment, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CONFR1WH
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $123.99
  14. PacknWood 210CONFR3WH, 14 Oz White Paper Cones with Built-in Dipping Sauce Compartment, 500/CS
    SKU: 210CONFR3WH
    Special Price $137.99 Regular Price $171.99
  15. PacknWood 210SOS11BRF, 7-inch Long Brown SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS11BRF
    Special Price $105.99 Regular Price $130.99
  16. PacknWood 210SOS13BLF, 7-inch Long White SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS13BLF
    Special Price $103.99 Regular Price $127.99
  17. PacknWood 210SOS22BRF, 9-inch Long Brown SOS Bag with Window, 500/CS
    SKU: 210SOS22BRF
    Special Price $151.99 Regular Price $188.99
  18. PacknWood 210SOSPP5E, 5.5-inch Clear SOS bag, 1000/CS
    SKU: 210SOSPP5E
    Special Price $263.99 Regular Price $326.99
  19. PacknWood 210SOSDP32BR, 12.6-inch Kraft Double-Layer Paper Bag, 250/CS
    SKU: 210SOSDP32BR
    Special Price $197.99 Regular Price $244.99

Disposable Bags

Disposable Food And Shopping Bags by McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Food saver bags are a great addition to supplies of any retail operation, from a small grocery to a large supermarket. Whether you are the owner of a bakery and you need disposable pastry bags, or you`re a supermarket manager offering durable plastic food bags to carry purchases, McDonald Paper has an option for your offerings. Take advantages of concession food bags to keep your sandwiches, burgers or panini warm. Vacuum bags help to keep your takeout food or leftovers fresh for a long time without a freezer or food-safe plastic bags for easy and sanitary handling.

You will find relevant products for every type and size of the food-serving establishment at McDonald Paper warehouse store and on our website:

Also for more convenience of product selection, we offer a wide range of manufacturers, among which such trusted brands as as SafePro, PacknWood, Novolex, Rainbow, Bagcraft Papercon, and more.

Made from durable materials, these food-safe bags will be irreplaceable items throughout the delivery and transport process. Choose the type, capacity, and thickness to find shopping bags that perfectly meet your needs. Whether you need sealable bags for food with zip lock for an inexpensive way to storage and protection or food grade plastic bags in a variety of colors for packaging, you are in the right place to make an order.

Our website also allows you to stand out among other owners and operators of food service establishments by taking advantage of ordering custom bags and Custom Containers to market your products and brand by adding a printed logo.

McDonald Paper has been a reliable supplier of food storage bags for 20 years, fulfilling thousands of orders in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond in an always efficient and timely manner. We offer free shipping throughout the New York Metro area on all orders over $49.99 with a one-day delivery.

Looking where to find cheap food bags wholesale? Visit our showroom in Brooklyn with more than 20,000 stock items where you can personally assess the quality and variety of food packaging bags.