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  1. Imperial ICB-4836, Gas Chicken Charbroiler
    SKU: ICB-4836
  2. Vulcan VBB1F, V Series Heavy Duty Gas Broiler
    SKU: VBB1F
  3. Vulcan VBB1SF, V Series Heavy Duty Gas Broiler
  4. Vulcan VBI2, Double Deck Upright Gas Broiler
    SKU: VBI2


Charbroilers are vital kitchen and restaurant equipment, taking the tastes and textures of grilled meals to new heights. Commercial grills for restaurants give the intense heat and unique grilling markings that improve the flavor and appearance of your menu items, whether you want to prepare delicious burgers, sizzling steaks, or flawlessly scorched veggies. 

Chargrill, primarily commercial infrared char broil grills, use infrared heat to create high temperatures that sear and grill food to perfection. This range of technology enables equal heat distribution, resulting in consistent cooking outcomes and delectable tastes that will leave your consumers wanting more.

Restaurant-Grade Performance

Charbroil restaurants are designed for commercial usage and deliver the performance and durability needed in busy restaurant kitchens. They are made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, and can resist the rigors of everyday usage while remaining functional for years. Even during peak hours, their outstanding heat retention and dispersion provide efficient cooking and reliable outcomes. Chefs may tailor the cooking process to get the appropriate char and doneness using adjustable grates and precise temperature control.


Indoor and countertop charbroilers are ideal for enterprises with limited outside areas or those looking for indoor grilling solutions. These little barbecues fit perfectly on counters, enabling cooks to bring the grilling experience inside without sacrificing flavor. These charbroilers give the same excellent taste year after year with safe operation in well-ventilated interior situations.

Excellence in Outdoor Grilling

Outdoor charbroilers are great for creating an al fresco dining experience. These grills are made primarily for outside usage, with plenty of cooking area and the capacity to withstand intense heat. Charbroil grill restaurant improves the outdoor eating ambiance and produces unique culinary experiences, whether you're grilling burgers or searing steaks. Restaurant charbroilers provide outstanding tastes and appealing char marks on anything from juicy burgers to tender steaks and grilled veggies. 


Investing in a commercial char broiler, whether for indoor or outdoor usage, enables you to maximize the benefits of grilling. These commercial-grade grills are a must-have for restaurants and culinary enterprises wanting to up their grilling game, giving robust tastes, charred perfection, adaptability, and durability. Explore the many commercial grills for sale on the market and choose the best one for your culinary requirements to ensure great flavor and client pleasure.