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Cocktail Tools & Kits

Cocktail Tools & Kits by McDonald Paper

McDonald Paper brings you the best cocktail prep tools and kits. Our products are easy to use and are coated with chrome to prevent corrosion from continued contact with liquids. Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, bar, night club or other foodservice business, our cocktail mixing tools always come in handy!

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your bar, make sure to check our cocktail garnishing tools options:

  • Wall Mount Bottle Openers
  • Netted Head Muddlers
  • International Jiggers
  • Wing Typed Corkscrews
  • Beer Layering Spoons
  • High Tower Steel Shakers
  • Manual Ice Crushers
  • Due to McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies great selection of trusted brands such as Thunder Group, Co-rect and Winco, you can choose cocktail tools and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    These cocktail making tools are available in various colors and designs, and you can choose from a range of stainless steel, wooden and plastic tools, depending on your preference. Use can and bottle openers to speed up your bar service. This bottle opener is great for both home and professional catering use. Our bar mixing spoon-muddler is designed for comfortable and hassle-free mixing of cocktails. Its unique construction allows you to stir cocktails with the spoon end and muddle herbs and soft fruits into your drinks with the opposite end. The bar spoon is an excellent and essential addition to the bartending toolbox of any lounge. Choose liquor pour set when a bartender has to deal with numerous drinks of different types, such as various liquors and juices. The set includes pours with different colored spouts and lids, offering 6 assorted color options in total. Our bar cocktail tools will definitely meet the highest expectations of any bartender.

    To accompany your cocktail kits, we also offer Cocktail Glasses, beverage dispensers and much more within our range of products. So browse through our bar category now, and also check out our high quality Ice Machines that provide you with quick way to add ice to your cocktails.