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Cocktail Tools

Cocktail Bar Equipment — a Must-Have for Crafting the Ideal Cocktail

Mixology, the ever-changing art of creating excellent cocktails, requires knowledge and talent with the right tools for cocktails. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies sell cocktail equipment to bartenders, restaurant owners, and cocktail lovers who want the finest for their home bar. If you're missing anything, contact us—we can get 1000+ more things. We sell cocktail shakers, speed rails, wine coolers, jiggers, and bar spoons. 

Primer on the Craft of Mixology

Mixology is the art and science of making drinks. It involves knowledge of tastes, processes, and most crucially, tools for mixing drinks, as well as mixing skills. The backbone of any cocktail bar are professional cocktail bar equipment, which orchestrate the flavors of simple components.

The Professional Bar Tools

  • The Shakers

Boston Shaker and Cobbler Shaker are two types of cocktail mixing tools. Make use of it to combine and chill ingredients.

An expert's recommendation: the multipurpose Boston Shaker, which includes a mixing glass and a tin, is the way to go.

  • Strainers

Cocktail-making relies on Hawthorne and Fine Mesh strainers. The Hawthorne's coiled rim filters out ice and bigger particulates from shaken beverages. The Fine Mesh strainer, with its tighter weave, captures smaller particles for a smoother drink. Both sorts are essential for clear, well-textured beverages without residue.

Expert advice: strain cocktails using a fine mesh strainer for a smoother texture, and shaken drinks with a Hawthorne strainer.

  • Jiggers

Japanese and Standard Jiggers are the main instruments for this. Professionals use the Japanese Jigger to measure liquid components because of its precision and elegance. The Standard Jigger, used in many bars, measures alcohol and other cocktail components reliably and traditionally. Both of these mixing drinks tools are essential to cocktail mixing because they preserve balance and proportion.

Expert Tip: Japanese jiggers have a stellar reputation for precision and style.

  • The Bar Spoon

The bar spoon, a mixology staple, has two uses. It mostly mixes drinks to provide a consistent flavor by blending all components. It also helps stack beverages, creating visually appealing and sophisticated cocktails. This bar accessories and tools is essential for bartenders who want to make beautiful, tasty cocktails.

An expert tip: For improved control and grip, choose a bar spoon with a twisted handle.

  • Exploring Flavors with a Muddler
  • For the purpose of releasing their tastes, smash ingredients. An old-fashioned and long-lasting wooden muddler is the way to go, according to this expert tip.

    Where to Buy Bartender Tools?

    At McDonald Paper, you can find high quality cocktail making supplies. Restaurant and bar supplies are our specialty, making us the right spot for all your bartending requirements. You can trust McDonald Paper for shakers, strainers, jiggers, and muddlers. It's ideal for hospitality professionals or those who wish to upgrade their home bars. McDonald Paper is your premier source for everything related to bartending tools.