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Pancake Dispensers

Batter Dispensers And Stands - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Pancake dispensers are great tools for all diners and cafe where breakfasts are served regularly. Such commercial items make the process of pancakes, waffles and crepes preparation easy and clean. In addition, it is a perfect way to control your portions.

With a huge assortment of commercial batter dispensers and racks at McDonald Paper, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your establishment`s needs.

Choose pancake dispensers and batter dispenser stands by such reputable manufacturer as Winco and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

In case your chefs are cooking muffins, such dispensers are unique tools to create same height, perfectly raised baked goods. These units feature an exceptionally reliable leak-proof construction to withstand tough use at your fast-paced commercial kitchen. Its robust plunger moves smoothly and effortlessly to make dispensing of batter consistent, even during high hours when you have to fulfill many orders. Our aluminum cake batter dispenser has an eight settings, from 0.5 to 8 ounces, this tool provides great flexibility in use. Manufactured from 10 gauge high grade aluminum, it is light for easy handling and durable for frequent cleanup. For more comfort in use, combine dispenser with a handy waffle batter dispenser stand which will help to prevent it from touching countertops while you're cooking.

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