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  1. Dexter Russell S192H, 4-inch Boning Hook
    SKU: S192H
  2. Dexter Russell T600PSTD-08, 8-inch Selecting Hook
    SKU: T600PSTD-08
  3. Dexter Russell Node Hook, 6-inch Node Hook
    SKU: NodeHook
  4. Dexter Russell V205PCP, 13-inch Cook's Fork
    SKU: V205PCP

Kitchen Hand Tools

Kitchen Hand Tools by McDonald Paper

At McDonald Paper, we have a range of durable and elegantly designed kitchen tools for any of your food prep tasks. Our products make cooking easier and more efficient. We offer cooking utensils to meet the needs of any food service operation, from a small concession stand to a full-scale restaurant.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice establishment, make sure to check our kitchen utensils sections:

  • Measuring Cups And Scoops
  • Potato Mashers And Ricers
  • Mixing Paddles And Whips
  • Food Dishers And Portioners
  • Strainers, Skimmers And Colanders
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies has been a trusted partner for many foodservice establishments in New York metro area and beyond for over two decades. We offer our customers only time-tested brands such as Thunder Group, Winco, Dexter Russell and many others.

    Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, concession stand, catering event or other food service business, we have professional tools to meet your demands. Choose from different material, size and type. Lightweight stainless steel utensils have comfortable grips and they are corrosion and stain resistant as well. Use our kitchen spatulas, strainers, ladles, peelers, grippers, and more for day-to-day tasks. We also have measuring cups, spoons, scoops, portioners and other food serving utensils to dish out exact portions. Make perfect pastry using our mixing and stirring paddles, citrus zesters, thermometers and spatulas. All of our hand tools are dishwasher-safe, which makes washing up easy and convenient. The compact size and flexibility of our kitchenware allows easy storage. Call us today and make an order!

    With our selection of Food Storage & Organization you will find the perfect storage products for keeping all of your kitchen tools in one place. Also, check out our Cookware sets at McDonald Paper website.