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First Aid Cabinets & Supplies

Supplies for first aid - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Keep your staff and customers protected from potential ailments or injuries with fully stocked first aid cabinets. At McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies you can find first aid cabinet for storing and organizing first aid supplies, while saving space in your store, super market or other establishment.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant offers:

  • Stainless Steel First Aid Cabinet
  • Table Roll Examination Paper

First aid cabinets are ideal for kitchens, hotel lobbies or storerooms. These durable metal cases with shelves can be easily mounted into the wall or used mobile. Featuring creams, pads, medical sprays, bandages, or examination paper, first aid cabinet is ready to help with cuts and burns, ensuring person’s safety. Our first aid cabinets and table roll examination papers produced by Winco and Generic. Contact us to order!

You can put in first aid cabinets tablets from such common discomforts as headache or indigestion to help the visitors with sudden attacks. And using table roll examination papers protect exam tables from dirt and moisture while you offer the comfort and protection for patients.

Organized layout, clear labeling and first Р°id handbook are great options when you need to react in emergency situations. Don’t forget to have your hands clean when you give first aid to customers, so check out Hand Sanitizers in McDonald Paper catalog.