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Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are an essential addition to any foodservice establishment or engagement. 

The chafer is used to keep food warm throughout the meal.

Chafing dish comes from the French word chafer, which means to make warm. As such, chafing dishes use gentle, indirect heat to keep their contents warm in a large and shallow pan. The heat they use can come from fuel, electricity, or induction heating, and it's used to heat a pan of water to create steam. This steam then heats the pan above that's filled with food.

The flavor will be ruined if the food is not served at an optimal temperature. Also, in terms of food safety, a well-defined stable temperature can prevent the development of bacteria.

Take your business to the next level with our impressive line of chafing dishes.

Square or round, deep or shallow, modern in stainless steel or vintage with a gold finish, each pot will bring ease and convenience to your restaurant business. High-quality plates from McDonald Paper keep food at nearby food outlets fresh, hot, and protected from the weather.

Chafer Uses and Types 

Chafing dish buffet set can also be used to keep cold by filling a water tray with cold water and ice. And, of course, it doesn't need to be powered by electricity or fuel cans.

It is easy to see that a set of chafers with lids is widely used at various events (e.g. catering, parties, banquets) and places (restaurants, hotels). Different types of chafing pans are appropriate for different events and venues.

Below are the three main types:

  • Induction buffet chafer.

It uses an electric heating plate-type device. Because it does not use an open flame, it is safe and widely used. Great for outdoor use.

  • Electric chafing trays.

Connects to an electrical outlet instead of a flame to heat water in a chafer pot. Just like an induction chafing dish warmer, there is no open flame. Great for outdoor use.

  • Fuel.

Uses a fuel can (as in chafer burners) to heat the water in the chafer pot and in turn to keep food hot/warm. A chafer fuel can contain chafer fuel in the form of a flammable gel or liquid. It is suitable for places where there is no electrical outlet.

McDonald Paper Chafing Dishes Selection

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