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Aluminum Containers & Lids

Aluminum Containers & Lids – Best for Storage, Freezing, and Baking

Food delivery restaurants often deliver food in aluminum containers for hot meals. It is a great way to keep the food warm and heat it without taking it out of the container. They can be used not only to keep warmth but also to freeze food. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has a wide range of foil take-out containers, so let's look at them.

Main Benefits of an Aluminum Container

Their numerous advantages easily explain the huge popularity of such containers. Among them:

  • Hygienic properties. The material does not pose a health hazard, as alu does not oxidize or react with most prep products. In addition, the foil prevents the growth of bacteria. Therefore, your food can be stored for a long time.

  • Food features. Due to the barrier properties of the metal, all the taste characteristics of the meal are preserved.

  • Thermal resistance. The dishes can be used for storage, deep freezing, and baking in the oven.

  • Good thermal conductivity. This property of aluminum allows you to reduce the time for cooking, heating, or freezing dishes;

  • Reliability. The use of special technologies in manufacturing containers made it possible to achieve their special strength.

  • Plastic. This property of the material allows you to give the packaging any shape.

Another important advantage of aluminum foil containers is their easy disposal without environmental pollution.

Check the Assortment of McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Our company has been on the market for 28 years and keeps up with the times to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, a huge selection of take-out dishes allows clients to make the most successful choice for their business or personal needs. We are ready to provide aluminum containers with lids or without lids. You can also purchase this additional attribute separately. Our team will be able to find the perfect lid for you according to the size of the container itself. The entire range is presented in silver color. Sometimes restaurateurs use paper lids, which you can also buy from us. Oval, square, round, and other shapes are available in our showroom. We're not just an online wholesale store for to-go products; we have a physical store in Brooklyn. We also do personal delivery of customer orders in NY, NJ, and PA.