Ice Cream Freezers

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  1. Glastender DI-FR36-FL, Ice Cream Freezer
    SKU: DI-FR36-FL
  2. Master-Bilt DC-10D, Ice-Cream Dipping Cabinet
    SKU: DC-10D
  3. Master-Bilt DC-4D, Ice-Cream Dipping Cabinet
    SKU: DC-4D
  4. Master-Bilt DC-6D, Ice-Cream Dipping Cabinet
    SKU: DC-6D
  5. Turbo Air TSD-27CF, 27-inch Ice Cream Freezer, Horizontal
    SKU: TSD-27CF
    Special Price $914.64 Regular Price $1,275.06
  6. Turbo Air TSD-35CF, 35-inch Ice Cream Freezer, Horizontal
    SKU: TSD-35CF
    Special Price $977.29 Regular Price $1,362.40
  7. Turbo Air TGF-9F, 44-inch Ice Cream Freezer, Horizontal
    SKU: TGF-9F
    Special Price $1,252.13 Regular Price $1,745.54

Ice Cream Freezers

Ice Cream Freezers

A delicious gelato or ice cream is unbeatable. But, to keep these frozen treats fresh, you need a reliable ice cream freezer. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers ice cream freezers to keep your frozen treats cold and ready to serve.

Keep Your Frozen Treats Delicious and Fresh

Commercial ice cream freezers are mainly built to store ice cream and other frozen sweets. With their innovative cooling systems and precise temperature control, these freezers keep your goodies fresh while retaining their tastes and textures. Whether you manage an ice cream store, gelato parlor, or any other place serving frozen desserts, investing in a high-quality ice cream freezer is critical to providing your customers with delicious sweets.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies knows frozen dessert business needs. Our ice cream fridge varies in size, form, and function. We have countertop ice cream coolers and large industrial ice cream display freezers with glass doors.

Display Freezers Advertise Delicacies

An appealing display is crucial for enticing consumers of ice cream and gelato restaurants. Customers may view your frozen desserts' beautiful aromas and textures via glass doors, exciting their appetites and boosting sales. These eye-catching displays of refrigerators maintain your items at the ideal serving temperature and attractively present them, resulting in higher sales and customer pleasure.

Efficient and Dependable Performance

Ice cream chest freezers are built for long-term dependability and efficiency. These freezers, equipped with cooling solid systems, immediately chill your ice cream and maintain stable temperatures to provide excellent storage conditions. Their electric-powered operation ensures trouble-free operation, enabling you to concentrate on delivering wonderful frozen sweets to your consumers.

Affordable Alternatives for Every Budget

Excellent ice cream freezers should be affordable to companies of all sizes at McDonald's Paper & Restaurant Supplies. We provide ice cream freezers at cheap costs without sacrificing quality. Also, we offer alternatives to match your budget while keeping the high standards necessary for storing and serving frozen treats, whether you're just establishing your ice cream store or seeking to improve your current equipment.


Any frozen dessert firm needs the right ice cream freezer. Our commercial ice cream and eye-catching display freezers keep your frozen treats fresh and ready to serve. Learn more about the shop of ice cream freezers we provide to enhance your set dessert menu. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is dedicated to the success of local businesses like yours by delivering high-quality, low-priced ice cream freezers.