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Pastry Cloths & Parchment Paper

Choosing the Best Pastry Cloths & Parchment Paper for Your Kitchen 

Using parchment paper sheets can save cleaning time and prolong the life of your cookware. These liners keep food from clinging to baking pans as it bakes, preventing rips and tears when removed. On top of that, they keep your pans clean all day long by avoiding greasy residue and burned-on food particles. In addition to reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination, the best part is that these commercial pastry cloths may be discarded after usage.

Wide Range of Parchment Paper Sheets

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies offers a range of high-quality wholesale pastry cloths tailored for our clients, featuring:

  • Specially-Treated Material: Our pastry cloth and rolling pin covers are crafted from materials that effectively resist grease and moisture, ensuring a durable and reliable product for your baking needs.
  • Durability Enhanced Design: Each parchment paper in bulk is perimeter stitched to prevent fraying or tearing, extending the lifespan of the product and maintaining its quality through frequent use.
  • Precision in Baking: The canvas pastry cloth is designed with silk-screened concentric circles and includes vertical/horizontal measurements to aid in accurately sizing dough, making it an invaluable tool for professional bakers.
  • Reinforced Edges: To further enhance durability and eliminate fraying, the edges of our pastry cloths are meticulously sewn.
  • Versatile Selection: We understand the diverse needs of our clients, which is why we offer our pastry cloths and rolling pin covers in a variety of material types, shapes, and sizes. This ensures compatibility with the type of pans you use, providing a tailored solution for every baking endeavor.

Using our parchment paper sheets will keep your pans safe from scorched food and reduce the frequency of pan washings by absorbing oils. For all your baking requirements, we have parchment paper wholesale and pan liners in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Look around at what else Ateco and SafePro have to offer. If you're looking for circular pre-cut parchment circles, they're perfect for cake making. You may get baking liners made of non-stick materials that make them simple to release, and you can even find reusable liners. When you shop at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, you'll find a wide variety of pastry cloths in bulk, including triangles, roll, and sheet varieties.

Our customers are able to order parchment paper sheets online, as well as visit our offline showroom located in Brooklyn.