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Pastry Cloths & Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper Sheets - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Pastry clothes and parchment paper is one of fantastic cooking inventions that allows you to minimize clean-up and extend life of your pans. These essential supplies ease your baking and after-cleaning process. Use a parchment paper to prevent your pies and cookie from burning and protect your pans and baking trays from excess dirt.

McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers pastry clothes and paper sheets only by time-tested manufacturers such as Ateco. You`re sure to find a perfect items to meet your establishment`s needs!

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, bakery or other foodservice business, our baking parchment paper always come in handy! Bake any food to perfection without sticking to the pan by using these pastry cloth and parchment paper. Such paper also absorbs the overflow of oil, making your food way healthier. A pastry cloth will protect your counter from scraps and sticky dough pieces. Our pastry cloth and rolling pin cover is designed from specially-treated material which is perfectly resists grease and moisture. Perimeter stitched to prevent fraying or tearing. Canvas pastry cloth has silk screened concentric circles, vertical/horizontal measurements aid in sizing dough. Just sewn edges to add durability and eliminate fraying. Choose from a variety of material types, shapes and sizes to accommodate the type of pans you are using.

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