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  1. Dexter Russell S119PCP, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S119PCP
  2. Dexter Russell S127PCP, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S127PCP
  3. Dexter Russell S17PCP, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S17PCP
  4. Dexter Russell S127, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S127
  5. Dexter Russell S17, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S17
  6. Dexter Russell 20129, 3-3/8-inch Clam Knife
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  7. Dexter Russell S129, 3-3/8-inch Clam Knife
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  8. Dexter Russell 20129PCP, 3-3/8-inch Clam Knife
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  9. Dexter Russell S17123/4NH, 2.75-inch Oyster Knife, New Haven Pattern
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  10. Dexter Russell 22, 4-inch Oyster Knife, Boston Pattern
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  11. Dexter Russell 23PCP, 2-3/8-inch Oyster Knife, Providence Pattern
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  12. Dexter Russell S126, 2.75-inch Oyster Knife, Providence Pattern
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  13. Dexter Russell S119, 3-inch Clam Knife
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Clam Knives

Clam And Oyster Knives - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

If you have shellfish on the menu or own a seafood cafe, you should supply your kitchen stuff with clam knives. Dealing with tough and sharp shells can be dangerous task in a busy kitchen, but these knives will make the process safer and easier. Since calm knife helps to extract as much meats as possible, your guest will enjoy most delicious dishes.

Whether you run restaurant, seafood bar or other foodservice establishment, you'll find everything you need on McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website. We provide:

  • Scallop Knives
  • Boston Style Oyster Knives
  • Stainless Steel Oyster Knives
  • Oyster Opener Knives
  • Soft Grip Oyster Knives
  • We always ready to offer restaurant seafood knives that will meet your requirements, at the best prices and from trusted manufacturers such as Dexter Russell, EMGA, Winco and others.

    Serve oysters, clams, and mussels with handy seafood knives for the safe and easy shells opening. We stock shellfish knives with different length and type. Scallop knife is designed to deal with scallops and other small shellfish. It has a short, rounded blade with a straight edge, designed to split and pry shells. Our boston style oyster knife can accomplish the job of opening shell valves without damaging the seafood inside. It features a top quality high-carbon steel blade, shaped specifically for the job of opening a shell quickly and effectively. Choose knives with non-grip handles and narrow blades for an extra dexterity. Call us today and make an order!

    As for additional accessories for your kitchen be sure to stock up on Sea Food Serving Tools and Squeezers to fulfill your kitchen equipment.