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Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes: How & Where to Choose?

Why do you think cake boxes are needed? First of all, for convenient transportation. You can buy a birthday cake and safely deliver it to your party location. Also, you do not have to think about where to put the packaging; you can simply throw it away. Didn't finish the cake? You can keep it in the box for longer. Understanding baking boxes' value and convenience is simple, but where can you buy them? It is where a reliable supplier who has been delivering with bakery boxes wholesale and other disposable tableware for 28 years, McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, comes to the rescue. However, among our clients are not only large customers but also individuals.  Therefore, with us, you will find everything you need for your business and home.

How to Make a Choice Your Supplier among Others?

You can scatter your eyes from a wide variety of useful things for your business or kitchen at home. Therefore, use a few tips before making a purchase in bulk:

  • Clearly formulate a query. It will help you decide what exactly you are looking for: pastry boxes or sandwich boxes. 
  • Feel free to ask the supplier for advice. Especially novice bakers often get confused about which boxes their culinary masterpieces will be safe in, and an experienced consultant will be able to suggest several options. 
  • Even if you are just a novice bakery, look for a supplier who deals with wholesale. When your business expands, you don’t have to look for a new one; just increase your order. 
  • If you doubt the final choice, take both options and test which is more successful. 

Remember that just finding beautiful cake boxes is not enough. You ought to approach this matter responsibly. 

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies Is Always Near Your Business 

If you need a beautiful and practical package, we are ready to supply it for you. Our assortment has a large selection of different boxes, including bakery boxes. In Brooklyn, we have a showroom where the best assortment is exhibited. If you are locally there, visit it. Also, use the site and arrange shipping to NY, NJ, PA, and other states of the US. Dozens of bakers are already cooperating with us, and you can join us too.