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Chef Base at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies for Commercial Needs at the Kitchen 

Convenience plays a significant role in the culinary industry, especially in commerce. And if the owners want to achieve convenience, they should provide their employees with modern technology for more progressive work. One of the indispensable attributes of a commercial kitchen is the chef base. Our company is engaged in its supply and can give the necessary advice on the selection of the manufacturer, material, size (length, depth, height), the number of sections, and tell how and why it should be used. To get started, take a look at a short excursion with its main advantages and the most popular range.

Why Does Your Business Need a Refrigerated Chef Base?

A refrigerated chef base has a number of advantages that Food service workers in restaurants, cafes, etc., will appreciate. Among them:

  • Contributes to maximizing a relatively small area for its needs during cooking.
  • Provides maximum convenience and quick access to products during cooking.
  • Helps keep food and prepared meals fresh and in one place.
  • A large assortment makes it possible to choose the ideal chef base refrigerator according to the required parameters.
  • The durability of the equipment is due to heat resistance, which allows you to work in an industrial kitchen. 

Versatility in use makes it useful when baking, grilling, storing ingredients and ready meals, etc.

In short, this ideal inventory does not take up much space and has a universal purpose in the kitchen.

Look for Your Perfect Chef Base Cooler at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Choosing a single supplier for long-term prospects has many advantages. When you choose McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies, you have a trusted partner in supplying any disposable product and professional item for your career that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The chef base freezer is one of the top niches for our company. We know which base to offer for your specific needs. We have a wide range to choose the best position for you, such as:

  • 2 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Bases;
  • 4 Drawer Refrigerated Chef Bases;
  • Self-Contained Refrigerated Chef Bases;
  • Refrigerated Extended Top Chef Bases.

We are wholesalers and will be happy to deliver your order to any state in the US, including NY, NJ, PA, etc. You can also visit our showroom in Brooklyn.