In the light of Russia's unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine on February 24th 2022, we are reaching out to ask for your help.

McDonald Paper has strong ties with Ukraine. Our Ukrainian affiliate Promaster Ltd was established in 2006 and currently employs over 60 people. We also have a digital marketing team in Kyiv that works directly for our U.S. company.

Hundred of thousands of Ukrainians are currently hiding in bomb shelters, and don't have access to food, water, and basic sanitation. More than 2 million civilians across Ukraine have been displaced. Many of them lack even the basic necessities. Their cities and homes have been damaged or destroyed. Ukrainian people are strong, and we, at McDonald Paper, felt that we must take action to help them stay strong, fight on, and re-build.

We have created the nonprofit Ukraine Recovery ( to help get food and aid to displaced families and help the Ukrainian people get the materials they need to rebuild their country. provides an end-to-end service that aims to give Ukrainian people the transparent, secure, and expedited help and resources they desperately need.

Today, we ask that you support our effort. Ukrainian people are in urgent need of non-perishable food and food packaging supplies. We also need financial assistance to cover logistics and supply distribution efforts.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has already shipped a donation of two 40 ft containers of takeout packaging to Ukraine this week. And more loading next week.

Please help us with your donations, and we will take care of the rest. Our team has people on the ground in Ukraine, who will help to ensure that supplies get distributed to people who need it the most.

How you can help

Any donations, whether non-perishable or monetary, would be deeply appreciated.

Ukraine Recovery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

If you want to get involved in our effort, please reach us at

If you want to learn more about Ukraine Recovery and what we do in Ukraine, please visit our website

If you want to donate now, you can do it via:

  1. Bank transfer: TD Bank, Account: 4409894022; Routing: 026013673.
  2. Venmo:
  3. Bitcoin: bc1qsygplw9mhen66jw34v70x4e7e690qe2zls4na5
  4. Ethereum: 0xf11485381A4792f3a6D23E7Ac338e9Fde4f72248
  5. By phone: 888-517-7622

It doesn't matter what nationality you are. We are all human beings.

Thank you so much for helping the people of Ukraine!