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how to increase restaurant sales

The goal of any restaurant business is to achieve long-term growth. Realizing that growth is no easy task. It requires innovation, dedication, and the ability to capitalize on trends.

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Restaurant policies are evolving and changing as a result of COVID-19. Every state has its own requirements that restaurants must adhere to, and social distancing is often being handled by strict controls on occupancy.

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automatic hand soap dispenser

Viruses spread easily, and as the COVID pandemic showed the world, there’s a lot more that people can and should be doing to make their operations touchless. From automatic soap dispensers to infrared thermometers to check employee temperatures, you have a lot of options to make your restaurant hands-free.

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restaurant kitchen equipment

Restaurant kitchen equipment is expensive, and when making purchases, it’s very easy to overpay. When residential homeowners purchase their kitchen appliances, there’s always room to buy cheaper units without much concern. But restaurant cooking equipment needs to be durable and withstand continual use without breaking.

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restaurant sanitation

As a restaurant owner or manager, it is your responsibility to outline and enforce handwashing procedures to ensure that your restaurant’s cleanliness meets the appropriate standards. If staff fail to follow handwashing procedures, the risk of foodborne illness significantly increases.

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refrigerated display case

 Display cases serve a variety of purposes. They entice customers to make a purchase, but they also make it easy to see what’s available or grab the items they want. No matter what type of food service establishment you run, it’s important to choose a showcase that will meet your needs, budget, and space.

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restaurant signs

First impressions matter and your restaurant's first impression usually happens outside of the door. Restaurant signs allow you to make a first impression that can either lure a potential customer in your door or result in a customer walking by and going to another establishment.

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how to respond to negative reviews

Owning a restaurant is a lot of hard work, and when someone leaves a negative restaurant review, it can be difficult not to get angry. You've put a lot of effort and energy into your restaurant, and it's difficult to separate yourself and understand that sometimes, people will be unhappy with the service or food that you delivered.

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refrigerator maintenance

Refrigerator maintenance should be a top priority as you build your restaurant business. Commercial refrigeration maintenance allows you to keep food for longer while saving on overhead and allowing your customers to enjoy the freshest food possible.

If you want to keep your restaurant refrigeration equipment running optimally, you need to rely on proper maintenance.

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franchising advantage and disadvantages

When you open up your business, will you open as an independent company or a franchise? Buying a franchise restaurant is a great idea for some, but non-franchise restaurants, or independent options, provides its own benefits.

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