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Increasing Bar Revenue in 6 Easy Steps

Average bar revenue varies from one establishment to the next, but there's one thing that can boost average bar profit margins - proper management. Bar sales offer a higher profit margin than food sales at restaurants, and there’s little overhead involved in the operation.

If you want to know how to make a bar successful, there are a few ways to increase profit.

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There's one piece of equipment that every restaurant needs: a professional blender. Whether you’re making smoothies, cocktails or whipping cream, the best blenders will make quick work of chopping and pureeing.

But how do you find the best commercial blender for your restaurant? There are several things you need to consider before making your purchase.

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Restaurants have a lot of overhead, and one of the areas where costs are often overlooked is labor. You have to pay your staff, and if your scheduling is off, you may have staff sitting around being paid while not working much.

When you learn how to manage a restaurant, you should be taught how to reduce labor costs.

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A Complete Guide to Restaurant Renovation

Restaurant renovations can be profitable, increasing sales between 7% and 20% when done right. A restaurant remodel can cost between $100,000 and $1 million, on average, but this is a major overhaul.

When restaurant remodel costs are this high, you have to worry about keeping the establishment closed for a long period of time. The larger the renovation, the more money that’s lost due to the restaurant being closed.

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Whether you run a casual restaurant, fine dining establishment or a food truck, there’s one thing that your establishment will need: dinnerware. It may not seem like something important, but the right dinnerware will add to the customer’s dining experience and give them something to talk about.

Restaurant dinnerware should be chosen carefully. In addition to aesthetics, you want to make sure that your dishware meets customer expectations while staying in your budget. 

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Health inspectors are not knocking on your door in hopes of closing down your restaurant. Restaurant inspections are conducted to make sure that your restaurant is following state and local regulations. It's a matter of public safety.

For the new restaurant, health inspections can be stressful and frustrating because you do not know all of the food codes. But after you have a general idea of the health codes and what is recommended, you can work on boosting your restaurant inspection scores.

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The catering industry is worth $52.3 billion, and 64% of that goes to a restaurant catering. People are now spending more money on restaurants than groceries, so that figure will only increase in the coming years.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to add catering to your restaurant’s list of services.

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There’s a reason why restaurants go to great lengths to cater to their regulars: they’re the backbone of the business. Sure, it’s important to attract new customers, but it’s even more important to keep those customers coming back.

As a restaurant owner, it’s your goal to convert as many first-time guests to loyal regulars as possible. Great food and service is a good start. But loyalty programs can give that extra incentive for customers to come back through your doors.

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Some restaurant owners don’t know how to control the cost of food properly. They put prices on entrees and appetizers, don’t track profit margins correctly and have no clue about the whole food cost control thing.

But wholesale prices are rising. Tariffs are also hitting some foods, especially avocados, very hard. If you don’t have controlled spoilage measures in place, it’s time to start implementing some.

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McDonaldPaper Restaurant Supplies hosts a free lecture from a professional chef.

This class is perfect for restaurants, bakeries, catering companies, and private chefs who want to build better both on- and off-site catering and events operations.

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