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Menu costs are an essential part of your restaurant’s profitability. You can’t just jot down a menu price and hope for the best. Calculating overhead requires you to play the role of recipe cost calculator.

You need to consider everything, from the ingredients to how long the item takes to prep and cook, in your cost per item.

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A restaurant has a lot of elements that lead to success: location, management, concept – and that’s just the start. Restaurants, especially smaller locations, need to look at what franchises have to offer.

But how do you stand out as a smaller restaurant that isn’t backed by a major corporation? Service. Your food. Your staff. You have the advantage of being able to provide a level of service that keeps customers coming back.

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modern restaurant furniture

When designing your restaurant, one of the most important things you need to consider is your furniture. The right furniture will tie your theme together and improve the flow of your restaurant. The wrong furniture can make your establishment feel cold and unwelcoming.

Restaurant furniture comes in a huge variety of styles, materials and price ranges. There are several factors to consider when buying tables and chairs for your establishment.

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Restaurant owners must leverage relationships with a food distributor to ensure that they have the ingredients they need to serve their customers. Supplier selection is key, and you may work with a variety of local food distributors to increase your availability to ingredients.

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What makes a good restaurant? Sure, the food is the main draw, but customers also want to feel welcome and important. You can serve the best food in town, but if your restaurant isn’t customer-friendly, you’ll have a hard time winning customer loyalty.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hire ambience personnel to make your restaurant customer-centric. Follow these tips on how to make customers feel valued.

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Here we are, up to our collective elbows in foul weather, flannel and family. However, the holidays are an exciting time to prepare and present your very best to beloved patrons, Christmas fair visitors or family. If you are a restaurant owner, a home chef, or just hosting your first fancy get-together, we’ve got the recipes and glassware to make them (and we mean you!) shine. 

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A commercial range is the lifeline of a kitchen, and it’s this range that will handle the majority of your restaurant’s cooking. But whether you’re starting a restaurant from scratch or replacing a range, there is a lot to consider.

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Purchasing a restaurant helps alleviate a lot of the initial issues when starting a restaurant, and you may consider buying a bar / restaurant that you frequent often. When you go into a local establishment and find that it’s always filled with patrons laughing and drinking, it may seem like a good choice for a purchase.

But there are a lot of questions to ask when buying a business.

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Restaurant food waste can quickly lead to inflated food costs. If a chef has made a special stew on Tuesday and there is a lot of leftovers, discarding this food, while it’s still good, will lead to restaurant waste.

You're throwing money away if you’re not trying to get profit from it.

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Restaurant owners are many things, but most are not architects. The owner will have an idea in mind for their restaurant layout and design, but while the design may look nice, it may be an architectural disaster.

Simple mistakes in a restaurant’s floor planning can lead to less efficiency and more overhead for the owner.

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