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how to start a delivery service

As a restaurant owner, you want to be successful, especially since you are serving your best to all your clients. Have you considered starting a restaurant delivery service? Given the current situation with a lot of your clients self-isolating and restaurants closing, you might find that having a delivery option for your establishment could help you to keep the business up and running.

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effects of coronavirus on restaurants

The effects of coronavirus on dining out came in like a respiratory wrecking ball to a normally thriving industry. Currently, with no cure in sight, nearly all Americans are on a virtual lock-down. To date, nearly 5 million workers have been laid off due to the coronavirus and half of that number worked in the food-service industry. That means that roughly 2.5 million food workers are out of a job and many other Americans are left wondering if and how they’ll get their food fix.

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acrylic sneeze guard

Keep yourself and your customers safe with this portable protection guard.

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restaurant discounts

Offering discounts to customers seems beneficial on the surface, and it can be, but it can also be bad for business. Sure, you’re getting new customers through the door, but will your new business make up for the losses stemming from your discount offer?

Price discounting is both an art and a science. When done improperly, it can negatively affect your bottom line. So, what is a consequence of "discounting" when talking in economic terms?

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restaurant menu design

When a patron sits down at a restaurant, one of the first things they’ll see is a menu. Unfortunately, menu design does not get enough attention in most establishments. It usually goes like this — if you don’t know how to design one, chances are you either hire someone else to make it (we hope), or use your own experience from eating out. Having clear concept vision and gathered information might help. But what happens if a lot of truths you’ve heard about are really myths?

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how do you calculate roi

A restaurant marketing plan is difficult to follow. When you own a restaurant, you’re able to advertise using dozens of mediums. The expenses that you incur may be vast, or word-of-mouth may be more than enough to keep all of the seats in your restaurant filled.

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unique restaurant concept

Winning concept is vital for starting a new restaurant or promoting remodeling of an old one. There are millions of food serving establishments in the United States, and your restaurant or bar concept may already exist somewhere.

New concepts are hard to formulate, but it’s possible with the right approach.

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kitchen stations

An efficient restaurant kitchen is like a well-choreographed dance – everything flows smoothly and beautifully together. But just like with a professional dance performance, this level of efficiency doesn’t just happen on its own. Restaurant operators must take the time to plan and optimize their kitchen stations to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

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restaurant manager duties

A restaurant manager works behind the scenes to ensure patrons are happy and everything is running smoothly. They may not be directly involved in the restaurant’s cooking, serving or bartending, but they do work with all of these parties to keep the establishment running like a well-oiled machine.

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restaurant income statements

Financial red alerts can quickly lead to closure and bankruptcy. The restaurant industry is one where even the slightest red alert going unresolved can lead to disaster. Restaurant profit margins are often very tight, so it can be difficult to overcome some of the financial issues if they persist too long.

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