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outdoor dining ideas for restaurants

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the restaurant industry, but outdoor seating may help many establishments keep their doors open. The right restaurant patio ideas and seating arrangements can help attract customers and ease their fears of restaurant dining.

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table decorations

Table decor is crucial for restaurants wishing to attract and retain customers. Creative and unique centerpieces and table settings can inspire a conversation and desire to come back. Below we will explore festive table setting ideas for restaurants and bars.

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how to set up a small commercial kitchen

Starting your own small commercial kitchen is exciting. You'll be helping fill a niche in your community – everyone has to eat – and you have the potential to become a vital cog in your community.

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eco friendly food packaging

Demand for eco-friendly food packaging is on the rise. In fact, research shows that two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more money for sustainable items. In 2018 alone, sales were five times higher for food items sold in sustainable packaging compared to food sold in non-recyclable packages.

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restaurant branding

Small restaurants have many advantages over big chains, but the primary advantage is having the freedom to form their own identities. Everything from the menu to the interior design is unique. But for a small restaurant to succeed, it needs strong, consistent branding.

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instagram post ideas

One of the biggest challenges that restaurants face when marketing on Instagram is figuring out what to post. Content creation can be challenging, but the reward of greater sales and a bigger customer base makes it worth the effort. Here are some Instagram post ideas to help your restaurant grow sales.

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menu descriptions

Menu descriptions sell your food. When a plate of fettuccine passes a person who is seated and fills the air with the aroma of cheese and heavy cream, it can entice a customer to order the dish. But for most customers, food descriptions are what help them determine what dish to order.

But you’re a chef or restaurant owner, so you might not spend your free time on writing and haven’t learned how to write a menu with mouthwatering descriptions of food.

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restaurant kitchen checklist

Restaurants have a lot of checklists, and kitchen checklists make up the bulk of them. You'll find lists for opening, closing, cleaning, and other procedures that are put on paper and given to staff and management. Whether you’re just opening your doors or have had them open for years, it’s not too late to start a restaurant checklist.

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restaurant cleaning

As restaurants slowly start opening amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to make sure that your establishment is prepared. Cleaning, handwashing, and social distancing will play a fundamental role in a restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

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how to increase restaurant sales

The goal of any restaurant business is to achieve long-term growth. Realizing that growth is no easy task. It requires innovation, dedication, and the ability to capitalize on trends.

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