A dishwasher in restaurant kitchens is the backbone of back-of-house operations. You want to be able to service customers quickly without straining your staff too much. The cost of commercial dishwasher units will repay themselves multiple times over.

But which model do you choose?

Should you choose:

  • Countertop models?
  • Undercounter models?
  • Conveyor models?
  • Another type completely?

We're going to review some of our top-selling dishwasher machines for restaurant owners who want to modernize their eatery with state-of-the-art dishwashers. But first, we’re going to explain what to look for in a commercial dishwasher.

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What to Look for in a Commercial Restaurant Dishwasher

Your dishwasher at home is very different than what you’ll find in commercial settings. For example, there are many types of dishwashers to choose from:

  • Conveyor: Designed for high-volume cleaning, these models can clean 350 – 1000+ racks of dishes per hour. High-end eateries with hundreds or thousands of guests will need this type of dishwasher.
  • Countertop: Small and compact, these models can clean 20 racks per hour and are designed for small restaurants and cafes.
  • Door/Rack: Similar to the conveyor models, this model can clean 30 – 300+ racks of dishes per day. But they’re much smaller and more affordable than the conveyor models.
  • Undercounter: Small and efficient, these dishwashers are similar to your at-home model, but they also can clean dozens of racks per day without an issue.
  • Pot/Pan Washers: Designed for tall items, you can fill this restaurant dishwasher with pots, pans, trays, and taller items.
  • Ventless: In spaces where venting isn’t possible or is too costly, a ventless dishwasher will work well.

Once you decide on the type of dishwasher you want to use, you’ll then need to consider other features:

  • Size and capacity
  • Temperature
  • Cost
  • Energy efficiency

Every eatery has different needs. You'll need to decide on which type of dishwasher and features matter most to you.

Reviews of the 9 Best Commercial Dishwashing Machines

1. Jet-Tech F-14, High Temp Door Countertop Warewasher

Jet-Tech's F-14 is a countertop model, weighing just 87 pounds and able to clean 20 racks per hour. You can load the washer from the front, and there’s a built-in booster that allows you to add detergent and rinse additives into the pump.

Designed with stainless steel construction, booster heater features allow for high-temperature usage to remove hardened food debris faster and easier than ever before.

And each rack uses just 0.5 gallons of water.

2. Jet-Tech F-16DP, High Temp Door Undercounter Dishwasher

If you would rather not use a countertop model, you can use an undercounter model like the F-16DP. You can load dishes in the front-loading rack and process up to 24 racks in a single hour. You'll enjoy the built-in booster for the detergent and additives, and the dimensions are 20.25” L x 20.25” W x 29.75” H.

3. Champion 106 PW, Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Champion’s 106 PW is a high-capacity, conveyor-style dishwasher with high-temperature and pre-wash functionality. This high-volume unit can process 356 racks per hour, but it still has energy-saving features, like idle pump shut-off and Energy Star certification.

The top-mounted control panel is splash-proof and user-friendly to improve kitchen efficiency. 

If you run a high-volume eatery, this unit will keep up with your demand.

4. Champion DL-2000

The Champion DL-2000 is a low-temperature dishwasher with a 40-rack or 160-covers/hour capacity. The unit boasts built-in chemical pumps, top-mount controls and a deliming system for thorough cleaning.

If your kitchen layout changes, you’ll appreciate the convertible design, which allows for an easy transition from straight to corner or vice versa. 

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5. Champion PP-36, Door-Type Pot/Pan Dishwasher

Champion's PP-36 dishwasher offers exceptional performance and a convenient front-load design with an external wash-down hose. The 70-degree rise booster heater feature ensures that your dishware is properly sanitized.

The 15 HP pump motor and jet spray arms ensure effective cleaning, and the manual controls allow you to customize your washing capabilities. 

The stainless-steel construction adds to the durability of this unit, which will provide you with years of use.

6. Glastender GT-18

Are you looking for a small commercial dishwasher for your glassware? The Glastender GT-18 is a fitting choice. The GT-18 is a door-type model with a compact footprint (18” W x 24” D) and chemical sanitizing capability. 

While this unit is small in size, it can wash up to 720 glasses (2.5” diameter, 10” height) per hour. It's also equipped with an intelligent microprocessor control, digital temperature gauge, and automatic chemical pumps to ensure efficient washing.

7. Jackson WWS AJ-86CE, Conveyor Type Dishwasher

For high-volume kitchens, a conveyor-type dishwasher like the Jackson WWS AJ-86CE is ideal. This model offers adjustable conveyor speed and can deliver 287 racks per hour with a high-heat sanitizing rinse.

The dual-tank design includes a 22” recirculating prewash, and the 25” high clearance provides plenty of space for dishes of all sizes.

With a stainless-steel construction, electric tank, and 8” vent cowls, this is a durable dishwasher and a long-lasting investment.

8. Hobart AM16-ASR-2

Hobart’s AM16-ASR-2 offers high-temp sanitizing, automatic soil removal and a quick washing speed of 52 racks per hour. Smart touchscreen controls make this restaurant dishwasher machine very user-friendly, and the Sense-A-Temp™ booster ensures your dishware is sanitized.

With X-shaped wash arms, electric heat tank and a door-actuated start, this model is ideal for most restaurants.

9. Hobart PW20-1

The Hobart PW20-1 dishwasher is a front-loading model with a split door with a 20-pan capacity. It boasts a number of great features, including:

  • Over/under-rotating arms
  • 2/4/6-minute adjustable timer
  • Accessories, including tray racks, flat grids, and a flat bottom rack
  • Sense-A-Temp™ 70° booster rise to sanitize dishes
  • Drain pump
  • Vent fan control

This model can wash up to 20 racks per hour and comes equipped with a pre-rinse spray hose.

Where Can I Buy a Dishwasher for My Restaurant?

Whether you’re just launching a new restaurant or upgrading your equipment, we have a wide selection of commercial dishwashers in our online shop. Our team is happy to help you find the right model for your kitchen, and we provide free delivery to commercial addresses in the New York Metro Area.