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Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment by McDonald Paper

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, catered event or other foodservice business, you'll find all the kitchen cooking equipment you need. Our cooking equipment assortment includes everything from toasters, wafflemakers and sous vide immersion circulators to gas fryers, induction cookers and heavy duty ranges. With these professional items you will increase the food production and expand your menu.

With a huge assortment of cooking equipment at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Heavy Duty And Countertop Ranges
  • Induction Cookers
  • Stock Pot And Wok Ranges
  • Gas And Electric Fryers
  • Pasta And Rice Cookers
  • Toasters And Wafflemakers
  • Sous Vide Immersion Circulators
  • Gyro Machines
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as American Range, Garland, Turbo Air, Atosa, Omcan, Dean, Nemco and many others, you can choose restaurant cooking equipment and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper provides commercial kitchen cooking equipment in a variety of type, style and size! A commercial range is a core piece of equipment in any restaurant, and by far the most versatile component of your kitchen. McDonald Paper's Restaurant Supplies has a wide array of ranges from heavy duty to light. With the selection of commercial ranges we offer, it is easy to roast, fry, broil, or bake and perform a host of other heating tasks. For many types of operations, a fryer is the work horse of the kitchen. The popularity of fried food has grown over the years and your foodservice business needs a reliable commercial fryer to provide delicious, perfectly cooked menu items for your customers. Although they may look simple, in reality there are many features to consider. Commercial fryers come in various sizes and types with different fry pot designs, numbers of heating elements, temperature controls and safety features. Offering rice cookers with the capacity ranging from 23 to 100 cups, we are able to offer a proper option for a small diner as well as a full-scale restaurant. Whether you broil or roast meat, a great quality gyro machine is the ideal option for ensuring perfectly cooked food that your customers will enjoy. Call us today and make an order. We will help you to choose units that will be the most fitting for your foodservice operation.

    Browse through our website to find Griddles & Grills and Work Tables & Sinks, Stands sections to add more restaurant equipment for your kitchen.

    We can also ship you the catalogue of our company where you can check out all the products that we have. Moreover, we offer free shipping on all our orders over $100 in New York Metro area.