Heavy Duty Ranges

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  1. Atosa CookRite AGR-4B36G 60-Inch Gas Range
    SKU: AGR-4B36G
  2. Wolf C12-2B, Challenger XL™ Restaurant Range
    SKU: C12-2B
  3. Wolf C36C-36CBP, 36-Inch Commercial Gas Range
    SKU: C36C-36CBP
  4. Vulcan EV12-1HT208, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-1HT208
  5. Vulcan EV12-1HT240, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-1HT240
  6. Vulcan EV12-1HT480, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-1HT480
  7. Vulcan EV12-2FP208, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-2FP208
  8. Vulcan EV12-2FP240, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-2FP240
  9. Vulcan EV12-2FP480, 12-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV12-2FP480
  10. Vulcan EV24S-2HT208, 24-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV24S-2HT208
  11. Vulcan EV24S-2HT240, 24-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV24S-2HT240
  12. Vulcan EV24S-2HT480, 24-Inch Electric Restaurant Range
    SKU: EV24S-2HT480

Heavy Duty Ranges

Heavy Duty Restaurant Ranges - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

A professional range is expected to be ultra-reliable and powerful to keep up with busy life of any commercial kitchen. At McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, we carry equipment from renowned manufacturers, so that you could choose one of the best options in the industry. From huge 60-inch ranges with ten burners to compact appliances, we have something to offer to a full-scale restaurant as well as a small cafe.

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our heavy duty ranges options:

  • Gas Ranges With Innovection Ovens
  • Gas Ranges With Standard Ovens
  • Ranges With Radiant Broiler Top
  • Ranges With Griddle Top
  • Heavy Duty Electric Ranges
  • McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers competitive prices for the purchase of heavy duty commercial ranges by reputable vendors such as American Range, Garland, Imperial, Turbo Air and other.

    We provide heavy duty ranges in a variety of type, number of burners and size, be sure to find a perfect unit to meet your establishment's needs! Ranges with griddle tops, broiler tops or their combination with gas burners provide unparalleled versatility in use, which allows to meet all your cooking needs. Depending on your preferences choose items with or without casters. We have units with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 burners which offer an amazing opportunity of the efficient and most accurate cooking operations. Our heavy duty gas ranges guarantee a great combination of the professional look and performance. They are a real workhorses which combine open burners with or without griddles and ovens that allow you to increase and diversify your foodservice business capacity without quality loss. All of our ranges have a stainless steel construction, which is easy to clean and will resist dents, scratches, stains and corrosion. Also most of our products are NSF certified and meet strict standards for public health protection.

    If you are looking for a really space-saving solution, browse the Countertop Ranges and Induction Cookers sections.