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  1. Winco APZK-0815, 8"x1.5" Aluminum Pizza Pan
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  2. Winco APZK-1215, 12"x1.5" Aluminum pizza pan
    SKU: APZK-1215
  3. Winco APZK-0615, 6"x1.5" Aluminum Pizza pan
    SKU: APZK-0615
  4. Winco APZK-1015, 10"x1.5" Aluminum Pizza Pan
    SKU: APZK-1015

Pizza Pans

Golden arches come to mind when you think about McDonald Paper. But did you know they have pizza pan alternatives? This small but essential kitchen equipment is changing pizza making, serving, and eating. Introducing McDonald Paper's pizza pan line, a gateway to culinary creativity.

Pizza Pans for All Occasions

McDonald Paper has a pizza pan for everyone, whether you're a home cook or a professional chef. Their variety ranges from individual pizza pans to huge dish pans, demonstrating the versatility of this culinary staple. If you own a restaurant, you'll find a goldmine of pizza pans commercial. They're built to resist the stresses of a busy kitchen, guaranteeing that your pizzas are flawless every time. McDonald Paper is your one-stop store for everything related to pizza pans!

Innovative Materials and Designs

The creative materials and designs of McDonald Paper's pizza pans are a noteworthy feature. Traditional pizza pans are made of aluminium, but McDonald Paper also provides cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick versions. These versions appeal to a variety of cooking tastes, ranging from a crispy crust to a deep-dish treat. McDonald Paper has also adopted novel designs, such as perforated pans, which allow heat to circulate evenly for a golden, crispy crust, and deep-dish pans, which provide a thick, hearty slice of pizza heaven.

A Pizza Pan for Every Cuisine

Pizza pans are useful for more than just baking typical pizza. These pans' adaptability is simply astounding. Pans of various sizes are available from McDonald Paper, ranging from little personal pans to extra-large pans perfect for sharing. This means you can make everything from pizza pan restaurant mainstays to expensive gourmet concoctions. Beyond conventional Italian pizza, consider Mexican, Mediterranean, and even dessert pizzas.

Professional Pizza Pans for Culinary Artists

McDonald Paper has an amazing assortment of professional commercial pizza pans for the culinary artist. These pans are intended for those who desire to improve their pizza-making skills. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various cooking procedures and display styles. These professional pizza pans will become your reliable kitchen partners whether you work in a busy pizzeria or own a high-end restaurant.


Modern kitchens use pizza pans for many things. McDonald Paper's wide range of pizza pans shows its dedication to catering equipment innovation. Pizza pans, available for any event, in a range of materials and styles, and for any cuisine, are essential for any cook. When you make a pizza masterpiece, remember that the standard pizza pan is a blank slate to paint on. McDonald Paper's pizzas rival top chefs'.