Wooden Bowls

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  1. C.A.C. TWSB-05, 5-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-05
  2. C.A.C. TWSB-06, 6-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-06
  3. C.A.C. TWSB-08, 8-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-08
  4. C.A.C. TWSB-10, 10-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-10
  5. C.A.C. TWSB-12, 12-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-12
  6. C.A.C. TWSB-14, 14-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-14
  7. C.A.C. TWSB-16, 16-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-16
  8. C.A.C. TWSB-18, 18-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-18
  9. C.A.C. TWSB-20, 20-inch Woven Wood Bowl
    SKU: TWSB-20

Wooden Bowls

A wooden bowl is a perfect product for serving a street buffet. They have not only an attractive appearance, but also practicality. Such wooden salad serving bowls are unbreakable and resistant to different temperatures. At McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies you can find these products in different shapes, types, sizes, and colors. You can easily find the right utensil for you from our entire selection.

 These wooden plates will be perfect for a variety of food at any outdoor event. They can be used to serve soups, salad bowls, and main dishes for a large company. 

We have a wide variety of tableware and kitchenware options. So if you own a catering establishment, you'll be interested in us. We have more than 20,000 different items of the best quality. That's because we work with the best manufacturers, who guarantee high quality for many years. 

In addition to a wooden serving bowl, you can pick up other items for eating and drinking outdoors:

  • Plates made of biodegradable material;
  • Containers with lids made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • Cups for hot and cold drinks;
  • Cutlery made of environmentally friendly plastic and wood;
  • Napkins and wrappers.

Different venue and food court owners constantly order products from us. They have tested the high quality of products and continue to cooperate with us. In turn, we give a quality guarantee for each of our products. 

Our suppliers try to provide our customers with only quality products. It allows you to enjoy delicious meals and drinks outdoors. Call us to order!

Check out the full range of merchandise at the McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies showroom in Brooklyn. You can order right there, or place your order online. We can deliver wholesale items throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and neighboring countries.