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Storage & Transport

Storage & Transport

We, at McDonald Paper, understand the importance of keeping all food items freshly preserved, neatly separated and well organized in order to avoid waste, save time and deliver the highest quality food to your customers. You can reduce the risk of food contamination by following safe storage rules and using the correct storage supplies. Here are a few simple food storage tips that are important for food safety: 1) Invest in proper plastic containers to prevent cross contamination. 2) Maintain foods at safe temperatures. (See our selection of Commercial Refrigerators) 3) Keep items several inches off the floor. 4) Transport your food items in insulated carriers. 5) Label and date all food storage containers. (You can find a labeling machine in our Retail category.) We have the wide product selection and expertise to customize a professional restaurant storage system for your establishment. Our extensive selection of Storage Shelves and huge variety of storage containers, bins and packaging materials, racks and carts make it easy. In addition to offering products for storing food items, we offer the tools and equipment such as hand trucks and pallet jacks to move them around. McDonald Paper has all of the Storage Accessories you need to keep your foodservice business running smoothly, efficiently and profitably. If in addition to storage items you are looking for high-quality kitchen supplies, check out our Kitchen Supplies category.