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Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Supplies

Keeping your facility safe and spotlessly clean is a priority for any foodservice business. McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies recognizes this and offers a wide range of Restaurant Chemical Supplies for establishments in NYC and beyond. We can help you to ensure excellent sanitation with our selection of quality cleaning items. Check out our Janitorial Supplies category and select the right products for your business. We intimately understand the cleaning challenges you may face due to the nature of the foodservice business. Therefore, we have a complete set of everything you need to keep your place of operation clean and fresh: mops and buckets, Chemicals for Kitchen Cleaning, chemicals for general use, wiping cloths, vacuum cleaners, air-fresheners, disposable gloves, detergent, hand soaps, Napkins, trash cans, and much more! Clean-up messes within the seconds with our products! Greek salad on your green carpet? Coffee and croissant crumbs on the couch in your coffee shop? Sangria on your starched white tablecloths? No problem! McDonald Paper has everything you need to tackle these and other messes. We have products that will make your bathrooms sparkle and your floors shine. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of cleanliness where food preparation is concerned. Keeping the center of your operation, the restaurant kitchen, clean is easy with our range of kitchen cleaning supplies. Use our products to keep your whole establishment immaculate and you’ll boost your customer satisfaction score! Another factor that can contribute to your restaurant’s popularity is an elegant tabletop setting. Browse our wide selection of the Tabletop&Catering, there you will find just the right pieces to complement the look and feel of your establishment.