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  1. Dexter Russell 012G-6, 6-inch Beef Skinner
    SKU: 012G-6
  2. Dexter Russell S119PCP, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S119PCP
  3. Dexter Russell S112-10PCP, 10-inch Butcher Knife
    SKU: S112-10PCP
  4. Dexter Russell S127PCP, 3-inch Clam Knife
    SKU: S127PCP
  5. Dexter Russell S112-12PCP, 12-inch Butcher Knife
    SKU: S112-12PCP
  6. Dexter Russell S12-6MO, 6-inch Beef Skinner
    SKU: S12-6MO

Kitchen Cutlery

Kitchen Cutlery by McDonald Paper

We have a huge assortment of finest cutlery to help you prepare your unique culinary creations. This collection of knives and accessories showcases the most advanced technology combined with the world's best craftsmanship for exceptional performance. Constructed of premium quality materials, our kitchen knife sets resist corrosion & stains and can be easily cleaned using sponges or wipes.

Check out our kitchen cutlery options to find high quality products for commercial and home use:

  • Asian Cutlery
  • Meat Slicing Knives
  • Chef Knives
  • Cleavers
  • Steak Knives
  • Knife Cases And Guards
  • Knife Bags And Racks
  • Knife Sharpeners
  • Cutting Boards
  • Browse our McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies website to choose quality knives from such reputable brands as Winco, Mundial, Dexter Russell, Capco and others. Call us today and make an order!

    At McDonald Paper, you can buy kitchen knives of all sizes and types including paring knives, vegetable knives, fillet knives, chopping knives, and more. Choose between straight edge, granton edge, serrated edge and hollow ground edge knives to make a perfect choice for your specific prep tasks. We provide ultimate solutions for preparing almost any type of food. Whether you need knives for chopping or slicing meats, cutting bread or dicing vegetables, even knives for opening oysters, we have it all. Each has been designed for maximum efficiency in a particular area of application. Our knives are made from superbly crafted steel, and will remain sharp much longer than conventional knives. Also we have knife sharpening tools to extend the life of your knives by refining blade edges without stripping away excessive amounts of metal. Use our knife bags and racks to safely store your cutting instruments and prevent them from getting dirty or dull. We offer a great selection of commercial kitchen knives to match any task and budget.

    Check out our collection of Kitchen Hand Tools and Food Prep Tools for even more options. Order online or come to our warehouse store in Brooklyn NY to discover a full product selection.