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  1. Winco IFPC-4, Insulated Food Pan Carrier
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  3. Winco IFPC-6, 6-Inch Food Pan Carrier
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Food Transportation

Insulated Food Carriers - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Food transportation is very easy with our food carrying equipment, as you can transport your dishes anywhere without it turning cold. Keep your food or beverage at proper temperature and safe while transporting it with our selection of food transport carriers. Whether you run a pizzeria, bistro, catered event or other foodservice business, our food bags and carriers always come in handy!

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our food transport options:

  • Insulted Ice Caddies
  • Food Pan Carriers
  • Pizza Delivery Bags
  • Insulated Food Transporters
  • Single Food Transporters
  • Due to our great selection of trusted brands such as Thunder Group and Winco, you can choose food transport boxes and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    Among our products, we have food transport covers, which include a dish or a tray that can be covered with a flat lid. The lid prevents any outside elements, such as wind or water, from touching the food, while the packing allows the heat to remain inside keeping the food hot longer. Another one of our products is the insulated travel bag. These food bags are most commonly used by food delivery personnel, as the thermal insulators within the bag allow the heat to remain constant without the food turning cold. These bags have different compartments for beverages as well. With our professional food transportation products you can deliver cold drinks and hot food both in the same bags. Call us today and make an order!

    With a wide choice of Deli Crocks and Chafers & Fuel sections, you are sure to find everything you need for your foodservice establishment.