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  1. Winco FST-6, 6.5-Inch Fish Spatula
    SKU: FST-6
  2. Ateco 1361, Tear Drop Offset Spatula
    SKU: 1361
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Scrapers, Spatulas & Combs

Baking Spatulas, Scrapers And Combs - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

If you are looking for reliable scrapers, spatulas and combs, then you are in the right place! By having the proper tools in your bakery, will allow you to complete decorating process much faster than ever before. These spatulas, scrapers and combs for baking are compact in size, breeze to clean and lightweight to hold.

For every type and size of foodservice operation McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies offers different kinds of cake decorating tools for you to choose from:

  • Paddle Shaped Offset Spatulas
  • Offset Icing Spatulas
  • Straight Cake Spatulas
  • Bowl And Dough Scrapers
  • Triangular Decorating Combs
  • We carefully selected most trusted brands such as Winco and Ateco, so be sure to find a perfect items to meet your establishment`s needs.

    McDonald Paper provides only items that are durably constructed to withstand use in your high-volume bakery. By using those must have items you will be able to create more professional looking cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts. Designed to carry out multiple tasks and easy to use, these scrapers, spatulas and combs are perfect additions to any professional kitchen. Choose pastry spatula to serve delicious foods with restaurant-standard accuracy. Its thin polished blade can smoothly slide under a piece of fish fillet without ruining its delicate texture. Use icing smoother to add perfect texture to your pastry. It has multiple sides to make lines and other patterns on your icing or give your cakes smooth look. Our dough scraper to remove loose or sticky dough from the cutting boards, bowls and more. Also with the help of the scraper you can cut and shape the dough. Many of these items feature holes on their handles for sanitary and safe storage.

    Also, check out our sections of Pastry Cutters & Blenders and Scoops for more baking possibilities.