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  1. Dexter Russell 30405, 8-inch Bread Knife
    SKU: 30405
  2. Winco KFP-83, 8-Inch Offset Bread Knife
    SKU: KFP-83

Bread Knives

Cake And Bread Knives - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Whenever you preparing a sandwich or serve a tart, you will surely need efficient bread knives. These knives will help you to slice vegetables for a burger, cut through thick bread crusts, make clean consistent cuts of cake and even cut delicate fruits like peaches, mangoes and plums. At McDonalds Paper you can find a huge assortment of pastry knives for daily use in professional kitchens.

We offer different bread slicers and knives to meet the needs of any food service operation, from a small concession stand to a full-scale restaurant:

  • Scalloped Bread Knife
  • Serrated Pastry Knife
  • Sandwich Knife With Soft Handle
  • Pointed Tip Bread Knife
  • Offset Bread Knife
  • Wooden Handled Bread Slicer
  • McDonald Restaurant Restaurant Supplies is always ready to offer professional bread and cake knives at the best prices and from trusted manufacturers such as Capco, Dexter Russell, Mundial and Winco.

    Choose between forged and stamped blades according to the frequency of use. High carbon german steel bread knife is perfect for cutting, slicing, and dicing tasks at any commercial kitchen. Efficient and long lasting, this practical knife is a great piece of professional cutlery. We have also scalloped bread knife, features a long blade with serrated edge, that allows to accurately and precisely cut even fresh bread without crushing and crumbling it. Thanks to multiple handle materials and colors, you can select a perfect knife for your cooking needs. Use bread knives with offset handles to prevent the users' knuckles from hitting the cutting board. All these knives will impress you with their amazing quality that will last you for years!

    For additional products to go with your cutlery, choose from Meat Grinders & Tenderizers and Cleavers sections to cook every type of meat.