Cocktail Decorations and Picks

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Cocktail Decorations and Picks

The Art of Cocktails Decorations

A drink requires a finishing touch to show its sophistication. So McDonald Paper provides beautiful cocktail decor. Make a big and stylish impression on any cocktail with these recommendations for each size drink. Our plastic and wood decorations for cocktails enhance beverages' elegance. Our excellent bamboo picks make a strong and elegant statement with any drink.

Our amazing drink choices complement every beverage at cocktail parties, banquets, bars, and special galas. Decorations for drinks selections elevate drink presentations with their eye-catching finishes. Our beverage picks grip fruit slices and other garnishes with exceptional power. Each pick includes a looped handle at the top for simple use and is superior to regular picks. These exquisite cocktail drinks decorations enhance any drink at cocktail parties, banquets, bars, and special galas.

These cocktail options will match your restaurant or bar's atmosphere, ensuring every drink has the proper style and substance. These carefully created cocktail options are flexible for any business since they appeal to guests' different tastes. Drinks decoration enhance the appearance of every beverage in fashionable contemporary bars and traditional, classy restaurants, leaving a lasting impression.

Types of Drinks Decorations

  • Picks & Skewers

Cocktail picks are stylistic statements as well as garnish holders. Classic bamboo skewers and exquisite plastic picks give the drink its own personality. Picks are basic, elaborate, themed, or customized. To meet various customer demands for decorating cocktails, businesses should explore bespoke designs.

  • Pick Holders

Bars need pick holders to be orderly and attractive. They vary from basic acrylic stands to themed holders. An attractive pick holder organizes and enhances the bar's aesthetic, complementing its theme and style.

  • Coasters

Coasters protect surfaces from spills and moisture while allowing branding and style. From traditional paper to opulent leather, cork, or metal, coasters may affect the drinking experience.

Wholesale Cocktail Decorations & Accessories Purchase

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is your trusted partner in the world of hospitality and restaurant business, offering a wide range of cocktail decorations and cocktail party accessories. Our company provides a unique blend of quality, style and functionality, offering everything you need to transform an ordinary drink into a true work of art.