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  1. Libbey 735, 6.5 Oz Glass Decanter, 3 DZ
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  2. Libbey 782, 10 Oz Glass Decanter, DZ
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  3. Libbey 795, 40 Oz Glass Decanter, DZ
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  4. Libbey 97000, Vina 39.75 Oz Wine Decanter, DZ
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  5. SafePro D5009, 16 Oz. Decanter
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Decanters — a Touch of Class for any Commercial Occasion

A restaurant carafe is a classy method to display water, wine, and other popular drinks. You may save your guests the trouble of asking the wait staff to replenish their glasses by leaving the decanter on the table. If you own a restaurant, you may utilize these items to make morning juices like orange or apple. Our restaurant carafes come in several sizes and designs, so you can always serve plenty.

Depending on your demands, choose drink decanter that hold more than a quart or a few ounces. This lets you serve one glass of wine or multiple juice glasses at your restaurant.

Put the wine or white wine in classy glass decanters and serve. Guests will have a more pleasant wine-drinking experience thanks to these servers' innovative design, which aerates the wine. In addition to holding salad dressings, our decanters are perfect for serving juice in restaurants, cafeterias, and buffets.

The Variety of Decanters

  1. Diamond Whiskey Decanters. It is a symbol of opulence. Their diamond-like cuts and light-refracting characteristics make them a show-stopping addition to any dining area or bar. As a business owner, you should buy decanters because they are ideal for luxury hotels and restaurants that wish to impress.
  2. Safari Rubin Decanters. Safari Vibrant hues and unusual patterns characterize Rubin decanters. They are ideal for businesses seeking to elevate their design with a touch of the remarkable. Perfect for living rooms, these decanters are sure to spark conversations.
  3. Decanters With Stoppers. To keep the scent and taste of the drink intact, decanter carafe with lids are a need. With their ability to maintain contents freshness and serve them in flair, they are ideal for both informal and formal occasions.
  4. Decanters With Stoppers. A wide range of cocktails may be served with them because of their adaptability. Their modern style and functionality make wholesale decanters a hit at restaurants and pubs. Any bar or restaurant worth its salt will have glass cocktail decanters on the bar.
  5. Crystal Lovers Decanters. These decanters are a masterpiece of refined crystal craftsmanship. They belong at posh bars that offer only the best spirits. Their unparalleled radiance and clarity make them a sumptuous accessory for any room.

Wholesale Glass Decanters — Great Options for Your Business

The supplier's reputation, accessibility, product quality, and design are crucial when choosing decanters for a restaurant, bar, or hotel. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies sells high-quality, affordable bulk decanters.

Our online store has a broad range of decanters wholesale, from classic glass and crystal to innovative designs like Diamond Whiskey and Safari Rubin. Since every organization is distinct, we aim to suit several needs and preferences with our products.

If you'd prefer to browse our Brooklyn showroom than buy online, you can. Visit our high-end decanters in person and let our skilled consultants help you choose the ideal one for your company.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies bulk purchases save time and energy when shopping for restaurant supplies. We provide convenient shopping, a huge assortment, and high-quality products, making us the perfect business partner.