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Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza Prep Tables: Best Options at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

Pizza making table is a specially designed pizza-making workspace most commonly used in commercial applications (cafes and restaurants). It usually has a refrigerated base with a work surface on top, including a built-in cutting board and containers for pizza toppings. This setup allows chefs to stack pizza, sandwiches, and other dishes on the countertop while keeping the ingredients fresh and chilled. In addition, it makes the pizza prep cooler a convenient and efficient tool for preparing large quantities of food in a busy kitchen.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is a leading supplier of such types of equipment. Our models have a heavy-duty refrigeration system that maintains consistent and uniform temperatures for maximum food safety and preservation. Some units can also come with a large work surface with a built-in cutting board and multiple ingredient containers for efficient food preparation.

How to Choose the Pizza Prep Stations for Your Businesses?

First of all, you should decide which pizza prep station is ideal for your needs. If you have a small cafe where pizza is not the main dish, you should think about smaller models. But if you have a pizzeria or this dish is top among your customers, you should think about buying several pizza prep fridges at once. Also, the choice of model of your pizza refrigerator depends on the workspace. It is worth considering in advance where it will be most effective to place it so that it is convenient for the cook to cook. Many tables also have cabinets underneath where you can store other groceries and hand tools. So, think about whether you need such a space, it will also help narrow your search.

In addition, you get a full-fledged workplace where the chef can minimize preparation time as much as possible since they already have everything they need. But, of course, you can also make burgers, sandwiches, and pies on these tables.

Huge Assortment at McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

We are reliable suppliers with a huge experience and are ready to help you find the perfect pizza prep table with the required coolers and additional boxes. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit the specific needs of different catering companies. We consult online or in our showroom in Brooklyn. Check out some popular items from our large range:

  • Self-Contained Pizza Prep Tables;
  • Wide Pizza Prep Tables;
  • Pizza Prep Tables With Doors And Drawers;
  • Marble Top Dough Retarders;
  • Dough Retarders With Blowers.

After choosing the equipment personally or online, you can arrange delivery to the desired US state (NY, NJ, PA, etc.).