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Serving Trays

Serving trays and plates are some of the most versatile items you can have for the kitchen and dining room. With so many ways to use and style serving trays and platters, they are a must-have for any home or restaurant. 

The most obvious use of a serving tray is to bring and provide meals and beverages. 

Beautiful waiter tray, plates, and bowls can't help but be present at cozy get-togethers! For example, choose a beautiful mango wood platter paired with black bowls for a tapas night, or a beautiful round or square high tea floor stand. Of course, you can also use food serving trays and plates to style a group of candles or place small accessories on them.

The most popular items

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has been a trusted partner to many caterers in the New York metro area and beyond for more than two decades. The company offers an incredible selection of restaurant supplies, with more than 20,000 items on its website and in Brooklyn, New York.

Whether you're preparing a light meal or a complex multi-course meal, you can't do without the right serving utensils. Our large selection of serving utensils provides a modern and convenient way to serve your guests. We offer many options for every taste and occasion.

The most popular commercial products in the Serveware category are:

  • Plates and trays for eating
  • Deep plates
  • Salt and pepper shakers/grinders
  • Mini fry baskets, cups, and bowls
  • Wooden bowls
  • Plates and holders
  • Menu signs and holders

If you're wondering where to buy the right items for your food service business, be sure to check out all the table-setting options.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies as a synonym for quality

All McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies products are made only from eco-friendly materials.

No harmful chemicals are used in the production process, so all dishes are safe for your health.

We enable our customers to discover beautiful, practical restaurant trays and food platters, so that they no longer miss the opportunity to find exactly what they need.

The company accepts wholesale orders for example from NY, NJ, and PA for all our products! And even more! You can find out the terms and prices by emailing us or calling us.