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If you are the owner of a takeaway restaurant, fast food, or catering, then you definitely cannot do without disposable tableware. Namely, compostable cups with lids are one of the most necessary vessels for drinks on the street. It is convenient, because this kind of the cups is environmentally friendly and convenient, and you do not have to worry about the usual dishes that can be damaged.

In our McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies store, you can find biodegradable cups made from natural materials. 

All of them perfectly cope with various types of fillings and their temperatures. In our range, you will find cups made from materials such as Kraft paper, sugarcane, natural fibers, and transparent PET. 

Materials have been certified safe and environmentally friendly by scientific facilities.

Among our large assortment of 20,000 items, you can find:

  • Biologically clean cups and lids;
  • Eco-friendly cups for hot drinks;
  • Kraft paper or hot drink cupholder; 
  • Double wall biodegradable coffee cups and lids made of Kraft paper and CPLA;
  • Plates, bowls, and containers;
  • Cutlery and napkins;
  • Items and appliances for cooking.

You can find all these products on our website, or come to our showroom in Brooklyn and see the quality of the goods. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of biodegradable plastic cups, with which we have been filling showcases for years. Restaurants, food courts, and event organizers across America choose us as their supplier of the best disposable tableware.

We process all orders quickly and deliver on time. For New Yorkers, receiving an order can be done within one day. Also, you can get free delivery to any area of the New York metro. Furthermore, we distribute recyclable plastic cups in bulk throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

You can get quick feedback from our managers. Checkout and order confirmation can take you only a few minutes. You can also contact us if you have any questions or want to cooperate with our company.