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Restaurant Flatware - McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

If you`re wondering where to buy perfect items for your foodservice business, make sure to check our huge assortment of flatware with different patterns and weight type! Whether you need a modern flatware at your casual cafe or elegant one for your professional establishment, we have everything you need. Our professional flatware sets are both durable and stylish.

With a huge assortment of stainless steel flatware at McDonald Paper Restaurant Supplies, you're sure to find the perfect product to meet your needs:

  • Table Spoons
  • Table Forks
  • Table Knives
  • Due to our careful selection of time-tested manufacturers such as Thunder Group and Winco, you can choose flatware and be sure that it is a perfect solution in terms of price and quality.

    McDonald Paper provides table forks, spoons and knives for any kind and size of foodservice establishment. Choose tablespoons for using with bouillons, soups and optionally other special dishes. They are sturdy, yet elegant multipurpose pieces of flatware that are a wonderful addition to your table setting. Select stainless steel forks for using with main dishes and also as an all-purpose pieces of cutlery for any occasions. These items are long lasting, extremely durable and able to be used with magnetic flatware retrievers. Use stainless steel table knives to make your silverware set look more complete and elegant. Please your guests with the outstanding quality and timeless design of these restaurant knives. All these flatware are durable, rust-resistant and dishwasher safe.

    Check out Tabletop Accessories and Specialty Serveware sections for more essential items to your tabletop set.

    We can also ship you the catalogue of our company where you can check out all the products that we have. Moreover, we offer free shipping on all our orders over $100 in New York Metro area.