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Natural fiber disposable compostable bowls are great for outdoor dining. Many restaurants, food courts, and caterers choose them for their practicality and convenience. These biodegradable bowls are great for soups, fatty foods, and other meals, preventing them from overflowing and ruining the event. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies has the best bowls made from natural materials like biodegradable fiber, sugarcane, palm leaf, and more.

We also have in our range a variety of products for eating outdoors and holding various events. Here you will find containers for dishes, disposable cups, paper napkins, clothes, cooking utensils, and more. All these products you will find the best quality from organic. However, they are safe materials for eating at different temperatures.

Moving beyond modern possibilities, you can switch to environmentally friendly disposable tableware, saving our planet. At the same time, you will get the best quality and mastership of dishes, making eating outdoors convenient. For eco-friendly bowls, you can take plates, cutlery, cups, compostable bowls with lids, and other plates for serving dishes, which you can also find on our website.

More than 20,000 products in our assortment are of high quality. We have proven manufacturers with whom we have been cooperating for years. It is thanks to the high quality and professional work that we have thousands of regular customers, among which are the owners of restaurants, clubs, and catering. All of them are from different cities in the USA. We promptly and quickly carry out delivery to any desired point, so that it is convenient for the client.

You can place an order on the website, by contacting us by phone, or by visiting our showroom in Brooklyn. Our managers will take your order or answer all your questions soon. If you're in New York, and you've ordered in bulk, then we'll ship you free throughout the metro area.